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'Versatile Blog Award' from Muslim Women Exposed - shookran!

Quick shookran to the Muslim Women Exposed blog (again) for this Versatile Blog Award that's circulating the blogosphere. A sweet way to cross blogpaths and promote your work, which is why I'm all for shameless promotion.

JazakAllah khairan, I make du`a Allah subhanahu wa ta`la gives back the Good which you do, sister.

To follow the blog award trend I'm sharing 7 things 'bout me as a human bean:

  1. I know a little sign language (more BSL than ASL)
  2. I stitch my own headscarves
  3. I run an Eco-Muslim jihadi blog
  4. I can speed-type and speed-talk like a person on... well, speed
  5. I can ride horses
  6. I paint cartoons on hot Muslim topics
  7. I "own" a keyboard, drums, a mountain bike, Ibn Kathir's seerah of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, a rock collection, over 100 headscarves and large quantities of litmus paper
Link Love
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  1. one question :D Litmus paper????? and that is not a what, its a why???!!!! ;)

  2. Coinceidently I also recently started following your blog, keep up the good work. (Awesome name btw).
    - Wang Daiyu (Islam in China)

  3. Litmus paper: Why - I had left overs from my science studies. Fun times, testing pH scales of every substance.

  4. Jazakallah khairan br. Wang, great to hear from you. My salam to China!

  5. Yes, we have run into one another before it seems.


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