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Scrapbooking: How Two Buttons Grow

  • Take 3-5 photos that tell a story or show someone's various stages of life.
  • Find a dominant colour from the photos, I followed a blue/orange theme, and select 12x12" scrapbooking papers that match this colour in either shade or pattern. 
  • Crop the photos to reduce extra space, matt and layer with plain coloured papers (by this I mean measure, cut and adhere the papers behind each photo) and then plan out a layout you're happy with.
  • Glue the photos down with enough border space for adding those 3D spiffy embellishments and decorations like tags, old toys, paperclips... As in my montage above I've used photos of my two favouritest teenagers' growing up from babyhood, I've covered the gaps with the buttons I had left over from clothing and the studio clearout; try to find beads and buttons that co-ordinate well with your colours and textures.
  • Voila, bas, there you go.
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  1. Aw - you must be the favoritest 'big person' of those two...and those buttons are just YUMMY!

  2. Awesomeness!

  3. (: It's funny you say 'big' as both of'em are taller than me - I'm their favouritest shorter-person. They're like chalk & cheese but excellent individuals. Teens, oye *makes a face*, may Allah save me from them!


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