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Nominated for Best Sisters Who Blog Awards 2010

On behalf of sister Amber & team.

Sisters Who Blog is a growing network of professional and amateur blogger-divas - mothers, uni students, designers and travelling sisters from around the world who share their fantastical experiences.

The creator of SWB Amber has many sponsors and is currently running a Best Blog Awards (there's prizes involved) and I got nominated too. Cool. You may nominate your own blog, another sister's or vote for those already up there.

The guidelines are clear-cut:

  • Blogs must be written in English.
  • 70% of the content (photos/ written material) must belong to the blogger (or accredited appropriately to the rightful owner).
  • Nominees will nominate one blog per category. (e.g. fashion blogs must be nominated once in the fashion category only and not in other categories).

Please spread the good word.

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