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Ultimate Hijab Storage System Idea

Where and how do you store all those accumulated head scarves?

Materialism has taken over and I have more scarves than wardrobe space. The Pakistaniness in me tells me to never throw things away, especially clothing which "even the children in Africa don't have". I know I could donate fewer-worn scarves to charity shops or for recycling but 90% of the stuff I wear is second-hand. It's nicer to give away brand new gear.

One idea is to simply roll up scarves into a swiss-roll shape and tie them with an elastic band. These can be shoved together into boxes underneath the bed, in drawers or shoe boxes.

Another idea is to hang a couple of scarves onto a pegged trouser hanger in your wardrobe. Trouser hangers aren't designed to hold bulky items so 2-3 thin scarves are enough to avoid creasing. (I'm anti-ironing).

That for me is still too much fuss. I have a motto that states anything "me-related" that takes more than 5 minutes is too long. Food, shopping, entertainment, cooking, clothing. They're excessive.

I saw another set of hangers in a market stall originally for ties and trousers. They're made from an unbendable metal frame and they're covered in a non-slip textile known as velveteen. Each hanger is pretty light and has 4 bars - so plenty of space. These came in packs of 2.

For ultimate organisation, what I've done is split the scarves by colour group per hanger. Folding each scarf lengthways, the hanger can comfortably hold ten scarves per bar.
Hijab hangers. Ta-da.

So it wasn't exactly a noble prize moment, but staring at 60+ hand-me-down scarves lead me to the eureka hijabi idea of 2011.

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  1. Spicedjellybeans14/02/2012, 03:39

    Asalaam alaikom wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu dear sister. I came here from a google search on "hijab hangers", but what i most want to know is where did you get that regal black hijab with the sumptuous gold pattern (at the right hand edge of the bottom row on the top photo). I love all the others, too. Your taste must be similar to mine.


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