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Sahaba Cards: Abu Hurayra

How many Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) do you know? How much do you know about them?

Would you like to know more?

Get your hands on Learning Roots' Companion cards then!

Companion Cards is a pack of 30 short biographies on the lives of the supermen around the time of Prophet, peace be upon him.

Slightly larger than a pack of playing cards, Companion Cards are sturdy, they fit into their travel-size packet and being endowed with smallness, I'm all about the travel-size adventures.

Each card is double sided - one blue with a quote about that companion (sahabi), the reverse side is a narrative summary of that companion's life and legacy.

There's Zaid ibn Thabit, Salman the Persian, the two `Umayrs, Suhayl and Suhayb... I want to begin with Abu Hurayra. May Allah be pleased with them all (رضي الله عنهم) [a].

Abu Hurayra
Abu Hurayra (رضي الله عنه) was already a Muslim when he first met the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. He had accepted Islam at the hands of his tribal chief, At-Tufayl Ibn Amr (ra).

After a brief stay in Makkah during the Prophet's early call, the Daws tribesman returned to his remote village. His reunion with the Prophet, peace be upon him, occurred in Madinah in 7AH [b] at the same time of the Khaybar expeditions.

In the four years that followed until the demise of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, Abu Hurayra (ra) sacrificed  his livelihood, trailed the Prophet and climbed to top the list of ahadith [c] narrators.
"O Allah... I ask you for knowledge which will not be forgotten." - Abu Hurayra (ra).
Armed with a formidable memory, Abu Hurayra (ra) worked hard, dividing his nights equally between study, sleep and prayer.

In contrast to his time with Ahlus-Suffah and struggling with hunger, Abu Hurayra (ra) was later blessed with wealth and motivated himself, his wife and his daughter, to each standing in prayer for a third of the night.

Appointed as Governor of Bahrain and Madinah during different Caliphates, the noble Companion passed away in the city of the Prophet in 59AH at the age of 78.

[a] Allah be pleased with them all, radhi'Allah `an hum (رضي الله عنهم). Qur'anic statement and prayer (58:22) indicated by abbreviation (ra).
[b] AH - After Hijra, the time measured after the Prophet's migration in 614CE from Makkah to Madina, and beginning of the Islamic calendar.
[c] Ahadith, pl., Prophetic statements, hadith, sing.


  1. Kh'amazing! Love this! What a great idea to have cards to learn about the Sahabah! Jazak'Allahu Khairan for sharing another great product of learning and increasing our Muslimness!

  2. You should totally buy a pack. I lurve'em. Masha'Allah.

  3. Yeah, I should, though should get zee mum's permission, hai na? 'Tis her hard-earned $$$. Though I did just get Maher Zain's Thank You Allah album, but I knew she would enjoy it as well - when I got back home, discovered she had opened it and put it in her car's CD changer. 

  4. =O OUT OF STOCK! *Cries*

  5. Is you seriously asking for your mother's money to buy a pack of cards for a fiver? Aren't you like, a doctor, or something? Insha'Allah, give it a month, if you don't get it, I'll send one tos yous.

  6. It's all her money my dear sister! Whether it's in my bank account or hers - I won't be earning money for some time still. As per my above comment, they are SOLD OUT! :-( I don't even have to ask her when I want to get something, but was just trying to show that again, it's her hard-earned paise. That's all. 

  7. I was joking in jest, masha'Allah, I'm sure Kitaabun or Islamic Book Store might hav'em. May Allah protect your mother and you from debt!

  8. When they get back in stock, I will surely buy them. I need to be a lot more educated on historical Islamic figures..

  9. Insha-Allah local book stores and Islamic gift shops may sell them. Check with them first.


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