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Some Stuff 'bout Me

As-salam`alaykum, greetings of peace, respect and eco-jihad.

The Muslim blogosphere is evolving as a gargantuan resource for understanding Muslim identity. I thank you kindly for reading and welcome you to my personal hub(b) of British 'muslimness'.

← Yes, that is I in cartoon form.

First off, you should know I can get on your nerves—although I do not intend to—for a variety of values I try to act on. I sound meaner than I am. For this I apologise, a "little", well I do... sort of, no, not really no.

Zaufishan (pronounced Zou-Fee-Shaan), in Arabic زو فيشان, is a Persian name literally translating as 'spreading light'. I am frequently out of batteries but I do try to live up to my name, God willing.

I AM...
  • A British Muslim woman, with a northern acksent. I am not anywhere near London.
  • The leader of an Anglo-Pak-African family, with a penchant for studying genealogy.
  • A student to inter-racial societies, literature, and Islamic law.
  • A graphic designer, an illustrator, a techny maven, martial-arts-lover, pro-active, environmentally alert and I love to learn languages. (Mujhe Urdu bhi athi hai: I also know Urdu). و العربية (wal `Arbiya: and a little Arabic).
  • I study Arabic, Qur'an Tafseer, Seerah and Aqeedah which are some of the main topics you'll find here.
  • I'm freedom friendly, highly organised and a cr*p baker.

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READING | Scriptures, quotes, Islamic books, Qu'ran, lexicology, sociological reports, science and psychological thrillers, documentaries, horror, and suckumentaries.
WRITING | I write stories, poems, articles and letters to MPs for change. MP stands for My Parents.
DESIGNING | I like to play with crayons, pixels, fabrics, building blocks and paper.
MOVIES | Historical stuff, documentaries, biblical-esque dramas, comedy, Muslim stuff.
MUSIC | Culture takes precedence. I'm for halal Muslim creative expression which will unify. I'm not for contextually abusing lyrics or arguing over what defines acceptable sounds.
TEACHING | I used to be a teacher. I taught science, technology, ICT and art. Every conversation became a parent-teacher conference. I quit teaching.
COACHING | Accept my life advice, don't argue with me.
MEDIA | Attempting to separate the facts from the fiction. An arduous task.

Questions, press releases or ideas? Get in touch easily through a short form. [Please note, I am not currently accepting marriage proposals, I am married already. And no, unfortunately I cannot commit to volunteer/contribute to your project, but I make du`a it is a success, really.]

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