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Growing My Husband (Day 4)

In the name of God, compassionate & merciful بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ | Peace be with you السلام عليكم

Aim: To see how much my tiny man can expand in water.

Day 4 Report
My impatience is subsiding. The partner in crime has expanded to a 'grabbable' size thereby making an excellent shooting object towards passers by. It's an interesting relationship but hardly a fun substitute. Credit due to manufacturer's however as this is one tough chap. I've played table tennis with him, thrown him in the snow, tried to scorch his face alight and drowned him for a week. He's pretty resilient compared to human males. MashaAllah.
It's a posh suit'n'tie, dont you think?

Size: Measuring from left (and undeformed) leg - 11cm.
Facial expression: Utter despair & blankness.
Body Proportions: Stunted, broad shoulders. Mishapen hands covered in tar.
Limbs: Tilted to the right. Hooked hands, neck disappearing.

Location: Bedroom window sill.
Food: No longer feeding. He's plastic for flop's sake!
Time: 3pm.

Strange facial marks. I think he's been shaping his eyebrows while I wasn't looking, this is haram, I'll have to tell him.

Not even wearing tailored shoes, pffft.

I'm done with the water business though. I'm going to microwave him for various timings to see if he melts faster than a plastic cup. If he does, I want my money back.

Question: What first - Microwave husband or Easy-Bake oven husband?



  1. I think microwaving your husband goes against the shariah, unless he deserves it, for being under 20 cm in height and made of plastic.

    So go on then, zap him!

  2. I wish we all had the luxury to microwave them as and when we wanted to !

  3. How funny is that!! lol

    And he's travel size!
    A travel size mahram --> I sooo need that!
    Peeps ed be like 'Oh sister, you cant come here you dont have a Mahhhram'...'And us gals ed be like 'Ehermmm....*pulls out travel size mahram and shuvs in face*' like super man flying outa ya hambag innit.
    Well wicked my man!
    Okay i dunno why but i just went from normal to supper chav.
    Wow I like leaving long comments :)

  4. Reehab Ramadan30/11/2010, 06:20

    looool zaufishan i just want you to know...you CRACK ME UP :).

  5. @Reehab, lol, (don't tell our imam). Glad to be of service! Barakallah! (:


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