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Ramadan Journal: Print, Read And Learn A Du`a A Day, For 30 Days

This is the du`a chart I have in my Ramadan Journal for fasting season. Download the chart to make yours.

I'm learning a new supplication (du`a) a day in Ramadan insha-Allah, and have already learnt three in the past two days.

There are many, many, many online resources that reference hundreds of Qur'an or "Rabba'na" (our Lord) supplications. If Internet Islam is not your thing-rightly so-get hold of your favourite Du`a book and box off thirty short duas that you can read throughout Ramadan.

Get started by downloading the 30-Day Ramadan Dua Chart(pdf file).

Some of my Du`a books include:
Supplications From The Holy Qur'an, by Fi Sabilillah (pictured below). These travel-size books are completely free and should be available on their site fisabillillah.org but if they are not, download 24 Fi Sabilliah books as a torrent from this link.

I photocopied thirty supplications from this book and have cut them up into single prayers. I will group them by theme - Mercy, Forgiveness and Freedom from Fire, or Entry into Jannah - and arrange them in my Ramadan Journal so that I have just one new du`a to learn per day.

Supplications from the Holy Qur'an by fisabilillah.org has over 70 duas and 6 additional Qur'an chapters. Ample remembrance for Ramadan.

I also have Fortress Of The Muslim which is an even smaller pocket-book that references a couple hundred supplications (adiyah) and prophetic narrations (ahadith) in clear Arabic, with English translation and English transliteration for non-Arabic speakers. For the online rendition of this little du`a book use MakeDua.com.

Alternatively, keep your du`a list saved to file by downloading any of the following du`a books and saving those most relevant to you in the 30-Day Ramadan Dua chart. Options include Du`a The Weapon of the Believer; a longer Du`a Qunoot by Mishary Radhi al-lfasi, and a book of 32 duas from the Maktabah website, including a du`a for seeking protection, Ayat-ul Kursi, du`a for parents and the Istikharah prayer. Download from the site: Allahsword.com.

Making A Ramadan Du`a Aim
I have found short duas, no longer than a couple sentences, which I do not already know from memory, and have organised them by one du`a a day. I will learn and read each single du`a each day and include it in my salah, my dhikr and daily routine.

I aim to share this du`a with my family, we will read it together after each salat, and I will post it online on Twitter.com/Muslimness and/or Facebook.com/Muslimness, depending on my use of time. The more I recap it, write it and teach it to another, the deeper it will be set in my heart and the more frequently I will say it aloud. After Ramadan, if Allah wills to give me these thirty days of life, I will have learnt exactly thirty new supplications.

How glorious. Don't you think.

MS WORD: Link to 30-Day Ramadan Dua Chart {http://db.tt/0BpF5Pc3}. Click, download, enable editing, type, print.
PDF: Link to 30-Day Ramadan Dua Chart {http://db.tt/pvQi2cjt} Click, download, print.

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