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A Proper Ramadan Countdown, The Zaufishan Way

What better way of counting down the days to Ramadan then by hanging up a banner, throwing stars wherever you go and making du`a you live to see the month. Alhamdulillah.

Should this be your first encounter of the 'Zaufishan Muslimness' world - I apologise for the eccentricity and strangeness of how I may, in the slightest off-angle, come across. Before you exclaim phrases such as 'what the..?', 'crazy' and 'she's so weird' I want to remind you that I cannot help this. God designed me this way. Plus, I have like, really loco parents that insist I remain dysfunctional. Whatcha gon' do.

Here are TEN interesting ways to anticipate the first Hilal (crescent moon) of Ramadan. Closer to the month I shall also begin my rendition of a Robin William's movie slogan: ♪ "GOOD MORNING RAMADAN!" A thousand apologies.

Embed a Ramadan countdown widget (web gadget) for your website. Widget Box has a colourful flash box courtesy of Primary Games. {www.primarygames.com}. You can also download this Ramadan Countdown Clock for your Mac dashboard.

Relive some of the happier Ramadan moments from my semi-personal Ramadan Journal from 2009-2010. Check out more of our video updates, recipes and rants from the Official MUSLIMNESS Ramadan Journals from the {M} team.

Faraz Rabbani3. GET INSPIRED
Follow and keep close with those you feel exude "muslimness". Tag along with the coolest imam on Twitter @FarazRabbani and support shaykh Muhammad Alshareef's projects through Facebook updates  for an instant motivation boost. Better yet, start your own Ramadan club, or join another, or promote one, or! or! or!
{Follow the MUSLIMNESS @IconicMuslims list}

Keep track of the Hijri date (according to Islam's first establishment) with an Islamic clock from Al-Habib. There are a variety to choose from, they're customisable and help keep viewers or yourself aware of the "real date".

Save paper and ink - send virtual Ramadan greeting cards to the point of annoyance through Al-Habib's custom e-cards again, or forwarding me-mail-chain-mail. Avoid overloading your friends and family though, we appreciate heartfelt sincere messages, not copy+pasted drivel.

Get a plainer Ramadhan countdown widget from Free Countdown.net. The only options include changing the box's background colour and heading.

7. Single? Muslim? Single?
Read our Quick Ramadan Guide For Single Muslims. Don't be afraid of spending a little extra time at a local mosque or hanging out with Muslim friends you otherwise avoid. Come out of hibernation and live a little. Oh, give charity too. Sow now, reap later.

Ramadan Countdown Calendar 8. INVEST IN CHOCOLATE
Buy a chocolate Ramadan calendar for every person you know. I did last year; we ate all the chocolates before reaching day 2 but the spirit of abstinence was there. UK stores Asda will probably be selling them again this year, and maybe other large grocery stores.

Get yourself organised now with a moleskin/annual journal that can easily be converted as a Ramadan diary. Pen Marks explains the usefulness of making spiritual notes and memorising prayers etc. Sirrat is selling a very beautiful Ramadan Booster journal. Your iPhones won't feel left out either with the Ramadan Booster application. Oh, I'm sorry, I mean APP.
{Buy Ramadan Booter on iTunes}

10. SING Lastly, perhaps a more challenging act and one that demands commitment: Sing your heart out. Without creating noise pollution or neglecting your daily OCD dhikr, get a drum, get another person and sing a traditional Ramadan nasheed. I suggest any of the following (only as I've memorised them)

Link to video: {http://youtu.be/SdO4GPgualA}

*Edit: Check out sister Muslema's Ramadan Countdown blog too {http://theramadancountdown.wordpress.com}.

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  1. don't forget to pray with allah only :)

    allahumma bariknaa fi syawalina wa balignaa ramadan !
    Aamin :)

  2. don't forget to pray with allah only :)

    allahumma bariknaa fi syawalina wa balignaa ramadan !
    Aamin :)

  3. Ameen! Happy merry pre-Ramadan glee. (: Barakallah.


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