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Get Fantastic Eco-Ramadan Gifts From Etsy

Ramadan Kareem Printable Set
I'm a HUGE fan of Etsy, the ethical online selling-buying site. With a special place for crafts, Etsy's sellers are expanding into Muslim merchandise including hijabs, pins, toys and halal products. I've sifted through the popular brands I trust and highly recommend the following products as Ramadan or `Eid gifts:

KutzyPartyBoutique: (pitchered above) This shop specialises in printable designs to use for your parties. Have an `Eid party where your children print the Ramadan Kareem printable set that includes favour bags, cupcake wrappers, adorable paper lanterns, lollipop labels and goodie bag tags. GOODIE BAGS.

Greeting Card Subhanallah Arabic Calligraphy Elegant Purple and Gold All-Occasion
Enekuri: A greetings card princess, Enekuri has over 100 unique Islamic and all occasion inspired handmade cards in multitudes of exotic colours. The purple Subhan'Allah card is shipped worldwide. If you're not making your own Ramadan/Eidmas cards (I recommend that too), buy one from Enekuri's shop.

islamikawaii doll
Coocoocafe: This is my 'oh em gee' moment. These are Islamikawaii dolls, a blend of Islamic and modern Japanese 'Kawaii' influences. The dolls are designed according to various ethnicities and at 3.5 inches tall are built for public display. And the coolest thing? They're made from recycled eco-felt, which was once plastic bottles. Now that's fantastic eco-muslimness. Buy a mini doll for a little Muslim or yourself. Or me!
Purple Metal rhinestone Dangle Hijab Scarf Hat Stick Pin Sari islam muslim EID Ramadan
Ethnicexpressions14: Exquisite stuff of quality. That's the only way to describe the hijab/hat pins by Ethnicexpressions, which I have bought from in the past so I'm the best review for some top notch Ramadan spangles. The purple rhinestone hijab pin is just one of the 50+ chandelier type pins and brooches available. Match one with your `Eid outfit (if that's your thing).

Antiqued Brass Dangle Kilt Pin Hijab Pin in the shade of Green and Yellow
TreasuredAdornment: Still on spangly things, this antique green pin contains Swarovski crystals and is a little costly for a brooch but makes an eccentric Eid gift for the more rebellious Muslim. Anyway, I like it. A lot.

Ramadan Greeting Card - Wood
Natoof: A Ramadan greeting card like no other. This one is made from wood. No, not 'paper = wood', this is an eco-friendly birch wood Ramadan card with a detailed print on one side. Yes, I think you can write on it. It doesn't open up like a card as it's a flat piece of smooth wood but the concept is novel and splinter-free!

Fight 4 Haqq 3x5 Magnet
ShopNJArtitecture: A shameless plug of our good friend Nadia Janjua, accomplished architecture and all-round creative person with flair. Nadia's shop sells original artwork, gorgeous ear-rings and magnets, like the 'Fight for Haqq' reprint shown. Magnets are easy to come by, and in our Islamic educational realms, every institution has their own branded merchandise but I say buy from Nadia because it's original, the message comes from the soul. Plus, you could buy in bulk and slip them into GOODIE BAGS for younger Muslims.
Allah Ring in Bronze - Islamic Jewelry
Islamicable: Islamic jewellelry has been around as long as body piercing, yet I've not seen the modern look of Islamicable's designs. A bronze 'Allah' ring is available in gold and the Kufic script has been transformed into a necklace. Also in shop are 'Muslimah' ear-rings and a 'Salam' pendant in cool wood shades. Go, look, buy!

Organic cotton striped kufi, skullcap. For boys aged 1-4 yrs.
Tumbleweedkids: There's not much cuter than an eco-warrior sporting a organic cotton kufi (prayer cap). This one is for boys aged 1-4 while Tubleweedkids has another sized for 3-6mnth old babies. If I could still knit I'd to'ally make one for myself, however, support the trade and see if they custom make them....? Enchanting stuff. Coochey poochey woo. Okay that's enough.

Your Name in Arabic Personalized Wooden Pendant on Silver Ball Chain
AlSafinaShop: For a special friend's `Eid gift consider getting a personalised wooden pendant with your choice of Arabic name/word. AlSafina's shop has a bunch of handmade tasbih beads, rings and pendants in slicker shades for the Muslim men you know (I presume). I wonder if 'Zau-fee-shaan' (زو فيشان) would fit on that pendant. Ah, well, get one for yourself, you normal named weirdos.

Should consumerism cause you dismay, at the very least make du`a for us.
Happy shopping shooping.

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  1. ooo thank you for sharing all these creative shops! love them all :)

  2. Asalam Alaikum Wa rahamatullahi wa brakatu , I wanted to share my facebook page with you all  http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.190340757675105.38673.161418457234002#!/photo.php?fbid=197828003593047&set=a.190340757675105.38673.161418457234002&type=1&theater

  3. You're very welcome, liking your name too.

  4. Tumbleweedkids18/08/2011, 03:02

    It's so nice to see so many amazing eco friendly Eid gift ideas! Thanks for featuring my shop!


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