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My Sister's Ramadan Du`a

ramadan dua book sisters heart
A du`a for Ramadan lovers, scribbled down from a young believing heart. 

"Ya Allah, please help me keep all the fasts properly, with 'imaan and patience so You may accept them all.

Please forgive any wrong I do in this month, and reward all good, help me do as much good as possible and help purify my soul this month, Allah.

Save me from all evil, evil thoughts, and evil speech, and action. Save me from missing salah or a fast.

Oh Allah, ya Ghafur (The Forgiving), ya Raheem (The Merciful), save me from Hell-fire, save me from the torture and pain of Judgement Day. Oh Allah, save me from the punishments of the grave and the pain of death. Ya Allah, have mercy on my family.

Send peace on all believers this month of Ramadan, all those alive and deceased. Oh Allah, please forgive us all, please forgive all the bad I have done, all the mistakes and deliberate pain I have caused other people.

Ya Allahu, please forgive all the evil speech I have said. Please help me to be the best Muslim that I can be this month and keep me that way.

Purify my soul Allah, purify my heart, body, mind, purify my belongings and possessions, purify me before I die Allah. Please purify me before I die.

Allah, help me be patient and steadfast with taqwa (obedience and God-consciousness) and 'imaan.

Allah, shukr (gratefulness) is for You for all that you blessed me and my family with. Allah, hamd (praise) is for You for creating us. Save us from hypocrisy and shirk.

Help me learn and read as much `ilm (beneficial knowledge) as possible, please help me remember it also! and apply it.

Allah, please send peace on all the anbiya (prophets) and reward them immensely in their graves and in Jannah. Please keep me strong in deen and stronger as I get older.

Ya Allah, I love you."

My beautiful sister wrote this personal and heartfelt du`a when she was quite young. Sometimes she thinks innocently and goofs around as though she were still a giggling girl but this du`a reaffirms what I have always thought about Allah's gift to me. My sister has an old soul.

My sister is currently completing her first year of Arabic and Qur'an studies and is in the middle of intense exams. A small du`a would be fantastic.

Zaufishan | British Muslim Blog

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  1. MashaAllah, very emotional and innocent prayer, May Allah help us to do as many good deeds in this holy month and forgive our sins.


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