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Silver Abaya - Jilbaab From Dubai. Yum & Me.

dubai silver black abaya jilbab kaftan arab outfit

Our dwarf model here (me) is wearing an abaya bought from Dubai. And in Middle Eastern jilbaab trends, the abaya is an over-flowing maxi dress made from satin with a silver-grey-black geometrical print. It's basically a rectangle of fabric folded into a square with unusual sleeves.

Unlike traditional jilbaabs with their stiffness or pockets and stitching, this kaftan-style abaya has literally 5 seams - the neckline, the side hemming for a very, very loose dress, and two diagonal stitches which form openings for the arms. There aren't any fitted sleeves so for complete coverage, a full sleeved top is needed underneath. Otherwise, every time you raise you hand or make du`a, all of England is exposed, if y'know what I mean.

Paired with silver kitten heels (I think that means small heel, I'm not really "with" fashion terminology) and a black headscarf, the abaya works well for parties and celebrations. I wore mine for an Eid gathering. Then took part in a race and fell.

Stupid over-sized abaya from foreign lands.

Where's my dungarees, man?

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  1. great picture..if I took one like that I can be sure you wouldn't be able to see my feet..lol...

  2. Voluptuousness is a blessing sister -wink wink- Jazakallah khairan for stopping by. (:


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