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Consolidating several commitments never looked so hot {About Zaufishan}

I've been shifting my job description titles for a few years now. Who am I? What's my contribution to my community? What actions define me as a human?

I studied sociology for A-level; I wanted to be a people-person, to listen to them, be able to recognise a criminal and build strong families for a functioning society.

I took further studies in the sciences, specialising in bio-med and molecular sciences and loved it. But I failed one course which set me back and I didn't know how to return.

I was a textile designer too which allowed me to fuse scientific concepts into three-dimensional textures. I made my own fabrics, printed canvases, painted wall hangings, silk painted and had 'mad' free styling skills on an industrial sewing machine. In this field, weeks of solitary work created just one or two pieces of art that wasn't appreciated and I was told I overcharged. Then I went to crafts - glass painting, greeting cards, professional scrapbooking and later turned to photography and finally my innate love for graphic design and media.

Underlying all of these "hobbies" (I'm not proficient in any) was environmental awareness and a humanitarian principle that wasn't being fulfilled. We're social people and need others, we need to help others to feel alive. But as I was muddled in-between answering what I do and Who I do it for (staying creative makes me a more motivated Muslim), instead of completely quitting it all, I let some things go and am still in the process of refining an identity and capability (the technical term is failure).

These days, by Allah's Grace, I'm a Zaufishan summed up in 4:

                              Writer, Designer, Eco-Muslim, Doer.

It's not definitive and there is much more to a person than meets a screen but I do believe it's another step towards realising the potential Allah has designed in me and implementing it properly. Oh yeah, that's what the business cards are for. I've gone for a design that represents a part of my personality, all logos are copyrighted and I'm getting them printed on recycled card. It'd be great if I could get hold of a soy based-veg ink provider. But, there you go.

And I was gonna be a doctor. And marry a doctor. And have doctor babies.

Ah well.

For more on what I do and where read {About Me: Zaufishan}

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