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✰ My Hijab Friendly Eid Outfits

Our Eid Outfits: Islamic abayas, gypsy-headscarves and maxi dresses 

1) Grey-metal coloured jilbaab with topaz blue beadwork along the hem, on the wide sleeve cuffs and neckline. I always buy one-size too big, otherwise lumps and bumps show through; this one's from a London abaya store (I forget where)...

Wrap the matching khimar (headscarf) in a draped "Qatari" style so you can peg your ear-rings on, explained in a video courtesy of the charming Zeena Kurdi.
(Left) Black Gardenia platforms, £50, Barratts
For more coverage (and run-around-mothers): Grey-knot ballerinas, £20, Next.

Finally, peg on those dangly blue ear-rings, grab an embellished clutch from Monsoon. And done. 

2) A red chiffon maxi dress, £45 from Quiz.
Cover up with a red/white bolero or full sleeved-tee underneath. 

A silver/gold coloured scarf, £10, Tie Rack
Red open-toe kitten heels, Spartoo, £77.60 (yeah, I wouldn't pay that much either). 
Or, for almost half the price, ruffle heeled satin shoes, £45, New Look. And done.

3) Purple jilbab with waist pleats and matching headscarf, £40, Al Hijab. 

Stick on either a pair of purple medium-heeled shoes, £55 from House of Frasier. ->

<- For more height choose Morgan heeled shoes for £33 from  Very.co.uk.

4) Best match: red taffeta ball gown with rose detail, on sale for £104, Debenhams.
For modesty, include a cropped cardi, full sleeved tee or jacket.

Wear black brocade heels, £28, Next.

Include a red & gold metallic scarf, £6, Bellissima Scarves

Add a brooch, and oh, wear leggings. 
And done.

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  1. OOOOHHHH YAAAY I love the purple one best.... coz its moi :D yaaayyy love the outfit ideas mmm sparkly stuff make me happy

  2. Most high street bought dresses have some element that needs altering. Y'just make'em hijab-friendly with full sleeved tees and jackets. Cover your chachas with larger shawls!
    Peace & love sister Z.

  3. woaah those black and gold shoes are gorjuss!! me wants!!

  4. @Beel, brocade shoes from Next. Loverly. We're right greedy init.


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