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Hijab Head: Hijab 'Streamliners' For That 'Turkish' Hump

Hijabi creations are becoming almost as extroverted and high-fashion-techy as mainstream trends. Here is a product coined by the online store al-Sharifa as: Hijab Streamliners.

If you've seen Turkish hijab fashion houses you'll know what the 'hump' refers to. In the Middle East, the headscarf with a 'point' at the forehead is a look some aspire for. This look happens to be one of my Hijab Defaults because of my Edward-Scissorhands-shaped like head, alhamdulillah.

The Hijab Streamliner:
A square headscarf is folded in half to become the triangular-shaped headwear, it's pinned around the head, usually under the chin, and the fabric is pulled foreward over the head to create a 'roof' - an overcasting shadow. But when a woman's headscarf doesn't sit quite right, t
he clear plastic 'Streamliner' comes into play.

Watch how.

'Hijab Streamliners describe the "plastic thing" to get the peak for the Turkish style silk hijab, Amira, and other hijab styles; to raise the front of the scarf up and give a sleek elegant look - it streamlines the peak at the top of the scarf.'

Buy this plastic thingy @ $2.50 from Al-Sharifa.

What do you think? To hump, or not to hump?

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