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Property To Let: Inflatable Yellow Castle

"Twas April, the month of Spring, new buds and seasonal weddings. Between aristocratic lodges and blossom trees sat an unusually squeaky yellow bouncy castle, home to one British Muslim woman, and her fairytale jihad lifestyle." Princess Fiona, eat yer heart out.  
The more perceptive of you will figure out it's Rockin' Ronnies' castle, not mine. We had a good run though: only fell over twice, I climbed in from the top (prohibited behaviour) and somersaulted all over the place like a yo-yo. Then my parents got in, my aunts and the neighbours... 
*rolls out onto grass for protection*

Ar-Rayaan and Al-Hassan, doing what boys do. 
I really want one of these in Heaven, insha'Allah.

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  1. That looks so fun! You climbed in from the top?! Not good. Love the May banner, where your cartoon personality looks like she wishes she was playing in an inflatable house . . .or just doing cartwheels - something I used to be able to do. :-(

  2. Insaf Imthiyaz14/05/2011, 15:45

     Reminds me of the good-ol days...

  3.  *cartwheels* *cartwheels* *cartwheels*. I'm 90% of the way to perfection.

  4. I see. I used to know how to do cartwheels - I took gymnastics - and yes, I was the only boy in the class too (a female cousin 3 years my junior was among the girls). Abba put a stop to that soon thereafter. :-) Only 9 % to go then (since perfection is unattainable and all). 


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