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Turban + Hijab = 'Turjab' or 'Hijban'?

Turjab, hijban, hijab-ban... erm...? The play on words is definitely not my forte. I'll leave marketing to the pros. However, looking at the development of the Muslim female head gear 'khimar' (popularly and incorrectly known as hijab), I began experimenting with yards of fabric and turbans for a Arabesque alternative to a flat-triangle. Men's turbans work best, for the Salah-al-din-in-the-desert look. Never you mind how I arrived at this conclusion. 

Seller: Etsy. $108! / £70!

Invest in a turban. This one is woollen (looks itchy), from Etsy and is lined in cotton. It would fit over your traditional head-scarf styling quite snug. For weddings one could accessorise with brooches and pearls.

Seller: Hijab Store Online. £9.95

Buy a ready-made turban-hijab with an attached bonnet cap, full coverage scarf and lace-head-band thing on the front peak.
This looks a tad too fiddly. I can imagine hundreds of safety pins flying around and a suffocating head. Plus the back of this particular design doesn't look all that purdy. And women like purdy.

Seller: Hijab2. $7.90 / £5. 

Another investment is this turban-hat. It looks like velvet but this would again fit over a thin khimar (hijab) like a crown. I'm thinking green for the Mughal look, over gold satin fabric, and ooh, pearls again... and bright ruby red rings... 

» This look can only be carried off by a certain elegant woman. Think Audrey Hepburn gone Muslim and My fair Lady gone 'My Habibty Zaujati'.
» It looks silly on younger heads and off-putting on elderly women unless it's styled gracefully to suit the age group. This is all the rage in Egypt, Turkey and Morocco.
» If not wrapped properly, skin will be exposed and the haram police will be on you like honey on toast... hmmm, honey honey... Cover first, style after.
» Wear on special occasions only. If like me, you decide to ride the bus/train with a turban on your head, not only will you get funny looks, people will think you're about to commit something drastic and move back in anti-magnetic rhythm.
» I encourage brothers to try this out too for getting back to traditional shmexy clothing. (It's your fault women are copying it.) Shameless promotion: Islamic Male Clothing.




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