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I want one of those... cars in heaven

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It's not too much to pray for... right?
God tells believers that in Heaven you will receive all the things you never had. Besides the obvious wants of properties, cars, cash and status, there are miraculous creations in Heaven that we have only glimpsed here on earth. Colours you could not imagine, seas of honey and mansions made with bricks of luminous pearls. To get in, you don't need famous contacts or a ticket. You just need to believe in one God, all of His prophets, all of His revelations, angels, a day of judgement and accountability.

While we're waiting for that day insha'allah working towards purifying our souls (remember, only the snow-cleaned hearts get in), let me redirect you towards a more speedy pursuit I have here on earth.

Birth-day gift 3: A Porsche, Alfa Romey-oh or an Aston Martin. I'm not fussy, any will do...

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione
An Italian exotic enigma. It features quad exhaust pipes (boo), double wishbone suspension (yayy), huge Brembo disk brakes, 450 horse power with a borrowed 4.7 litre Maserati V8 engine. When it was first put into production reviews dubbed it a "hybrid" of sports' cars and the Alfa Romeo people said it was "a driving pleasure shaped by the wind." But I mean, just look at it. L-o-o-k at it. It's beautiful. Sleek, long at the front, a curvy butt, 20-inch alloys (that's for show, really) and a ride equivalent to a spiritual experience. The thing is, it costs in the region of £100,000 and only 500 were made. Bugger. NEXT!

Aston Martin V12 Vanquish
Shaped by Jaguar's current design chief - Ian Callum, the Vanquish was Aston Martin's flagship in the last decade up to 2007 and (unfortunately) replaced by the V12 DBS -  girls didn't like the latter as much. Powered by a 460 horsepower 6.0 litre V12 engine with a 6-speed gearbox with automated clutch, this baby is 'sick' down to the chrome. Aston Martin say the car is a creature of "power, beauty and soul", but component description aside, the V12 Vanquish has character, a personality and soul. People who own Aston Martins are of two categories: the filthy rich who buy any status symbol, and the refined - who get their Aston's engraved. I would buy a used 2-seat coupe and drive till I ached. Turns out a new car costs £150,000+ and a used car around £90,000+. I'll have to either steal it or wait for an owner to pass away. Horrible, I know.

The original 1974 model
Porsche 911 Turbo
Porsche has a reputation as a "family" of sports cars, and let me tell you, the Turbo is definitely its wildest child (msn). First launched in 1974 (there was an oil crisis, long story), the 911 is powered by a rear-mounted, super turbocharged and air-cooled 3.0 liter engine that develops 260 horsepower (I know what you're thinking, but keep reading). Engine displacement and horsepower grew over the years, which culminated in the rare 1993 Turbo 3.6S - a 3.6 litre and 380 horsepower engine. 

The more recent, 2007 upgrade
The Turbo became famous for its crazy handling and just as famous for its flared rear fenders (dude, the '70s are over!) and a large rear spoiler so that it was quickly nicknamed "whale tail". Ugly, yet catchy. Like... influenza. The Turbo's notorious tricky handling was tamed with all-wheel drive and the newest 911 Turbo is both slick and fast, with an impressive water-cooled 500 horsepower 3.8 litre engine, for around £40,000+. The 2011 launch I am told is priced around £60,000 {Holy Porsche}.

Dear wealthy family members - the lawyers, the doctors, the ones in Paris, Tokyo, you know who you are, buy me a sports car. I'll... be your window cleaner for a year. Okay 2. I really hope I get one in heaven, with God's will. I really hope I make it to heaven, with God's will. Make du`a...

Your favourite relative,


  1. Ma'sha'allah, great taste sis! Les voitures que vous aimez sont tres belles! My Amma's dream car back in the 90's was a 911 turbo, blue, with those big black spoilers, like the one pictured actually - I used to stare it the brochures from the auto show and keep saying that I would buy her one when I would become a "big boy".

    Aston Martins - So cool how they are British AND are among the best cars in the world - not to mention the sexiest (uh oh! did I just say that!?); therefore, if any of those were transformed into a woman - I would propose 'straight away' (as you Brits say, hehe).

    Insha'allah, May Allah (swt) Grant you the Best of Abodes! AMEEN!

    P.S. Do you really know all that, or is that Wikipedia at work? That would drive some brothers crazy (in a good way!) that you know stuff about cars. Awesome ;-)

  2. Les choses que j`aime sont habituellement belles, mashaAllah. Et ouais, hamduillah je sais ma voie autour d'une voiture.

  3. C'est vrai? :-P Merde! Vous etes une femme spéciale! Si seulement je savais une femme comme ça . . .*sigh*

    P.S. J'ai etudie la francaise dans l'ecole et l'école secondaire pour quatre ans. Et vous?

  4. :-O You rock. I feel so stupid.

  5. third car is suuuppper hot. im gonna draw it. U want a zonda!!! sooo beautiful


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