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Make Pocket-Size Qur'an Du`a Cards [Ramadan Journal]

Ramadan Crafting-make someone else's sawm (fasting) superb with this card collection of 30 Qur'an duas and keep a copy for your own Ramadan journal.

Please note: the Arabic text on Card 1 of my own Qur'an Du`a Cards set was printed left-to-right, reading from the left as the English language (above). The final set was corrected by a simple change of language settings.

Please notify me of any typing mistakes by contacting: info[at]zaufishan[dot]co[dot]uk.

DIY: Making 30 Qur'an Du`a Cards, One Per Ramadan Day

The Qur'an Du`a Cards is a PDF file, less than 360kb and just 5 pages on a Microsoft Word document. Each page has six Qur'an duas, sometimes referred to as "Rabbana" duas, meaning "Our Lord", although not every du`a begins with that formula. Each du`a includes the complete English translation, a transliteration for non-Arabic speakers and the Arabic script. Since these are blessed verses and the Words of God, immense stress is put on the reverence by which you must treat them. Do not throw away or store high to look pretty. Use them, read them, learn them.

Make them:
  1. Download the Qur'an Du`a Cards (pdf) file or view it online and print onto recycled card. Recycled paper is fine but card is better for storage. Better yet, laminate them to teach your little ones and older ones. I used several old card file dividers by cutting off the tabs and printing on the reverse side.
  2. Cut out each du`a and arrange in order, 1 to 30.
  3. Glue one du`a in each day of your Ramadan journal. Pin them to your Ramadan timetable or pop one into each pocket of your children's Ramadan calendar. Sort of like an advent calendar, but replacing the adventiness with Ramadanness.
  4. For storage, I found a 3.5" floppy disk pocket for binders. This is a plastic sleeve like a regular plastic wallet for files, only this sleeve is split into 6 pockets to store those outdated memory floppies from the 90's. Naff things. I cut mine in half and slotted ten duas in the three pockets; ten for each ten Ramadan days.
  5. For presents and iftar packs write a message on the back of a single du`a card (and how to use the du`a) and pop one in with it. Or give all thirty to a dedicated Muslim.
  6. Done!

My Qur'an Du`a Cards are stored in waterproof pockets, ready for reading, come rain, shine, arctic winds or global warming.

You can download the final cards' set using this link: {http://db.tt/lmHldjde}.

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  1. Salam! I am really interested in dowdloading these dua cards but the link isnt working! Is there any way you can re-upload them? I would really appreciate it! JAK Happy Ramadan!!

  2. How can I download these dua cards? Jazak'Allah.

  3. The link is inactive.

  4. Jazak'Allah Sister, may you be rewarded for your good work.


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