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Ramadan Toolkit: Mosque-Madrasa Book Bag

masrasa mosque school book bag
For parents and little Muslims, this madrasa [faith school] book bag is an essential tool for organisation in Ramadan.

5 reasons why you should have one:
  1. Scriptures and Arabic books are free from un-purified hands and dirt.
  2. Study material is safe in a waterproof bag and won't get lost.
  3. Children will feel grown up with their own property and learn a sense of responsibility. The first gift and best gift a parent could give a child is a library. Remember that.
  4. A shoulder strap allows larger sheets of paper and books to be carried with ease, including homework (which more UK mosques are handing out, thankfully)
  5. It looks adorable. Ma-sha-Allah.
Madrasa bags are available from Islamic gift shops and online from Bismillah Accessories.

The madrasa bag above is my brother's. Du`a request for his little soul, jazakallah.

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