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Ramadan Journal: Convert Resolutions Into Life-Long Habits

Making resolutions used to be about losing weight and quitting bad habits for the new year. For Ramadan, resolutions should be more than self-improvement. They should bring us closer to Allah. Download this Ramadan Resolutions sheet to get started.

Every Ramadan I make a few personal resolutions, y'know, ones that are achievable, doable. I keep them simple so I'm not overdoing it and prioritise to help me strengthen my weaknesses before I try to excel in the 'okay' areas.
A resolution:
• Is a firm decision to do or not to do something.
• It is the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter.
• It is medicine for the disappearance of a symptom or condition.
If you make several resolutions they could become too burdensome. Don't do that. Make a specific handful of resolutions that are realistic goals and are easy to achieve. It's up to you how many and which goals you want to set, which you can cross off a list or score points like the hurdles. Aim to polish up your weaker habits so that your whole soul can raise upwards rather than waiting for one part to catch up.

How I Make Resolutions

For example, there is little benefit in resolving to eat healthier because my family and I are already nutritionally blessed (think vegetarian and allergic to fats). Instead I may resolve to eat a little less or donate £1 every time I have leftover food. This I can do insha-Allah.

Also, I avoid making a resolution for a habit I already have. I already love learning supplications (duas) and I'm to'ally into making OCD dhikr. But I often don't pray punctually so I will make a Ramadan resolution to pray all five salat and Tarawih in jama`ah and on time.

Finally, when making resolutions for the 30 days, think about their effect on your surroundings. Think about how to maintain them after Ramadan, when life feels bleak and ordinary again. Make a goal that will illuminate the faith of others, by means of sharing a little light through a prayer or assistance, or by simply being 'super-Muslim' so they feel in good company. Such simple characteristics can therefore be carried on after Ramadan because you begin to integrate them in your day-to-day behaviour.

Other Ramadan resolutions may include:
  1. Carrying prayer beads [rosary, tasbih] with you to work and using it.
  2. Spending just five minutes after every salah to make du`a for the departed.
  3. Memorising a short, one-line ayat from the Qur'an such as a prophetic supplication.
  4. Teaching your children the translation of the fasting ayaat.
  5. Controlling what you see, hear and say by placing "safety" latches on yourself.
"Watch your thoughts for they become words. Watch your words for they become actions. Watch your actions for they become... habits. Watch your habits, for they become your character. And watch your character, for it becomes your destiny! What we think we become."
- M. Gandhi; Margaret Thatcher

In my upcycled Ramadan journal there is a pre-printed resolution page with ten subheadings: Financial, Social, Career, Spiritual, Family etc. I know that everyone does not have a nifty Ramadan journal and your resolutions right now might be limited to just a mental list of things-I-will-somehow-do.

What you can do is use the Ramadan Resolutions page I have made. It's an A4 sheet of eight subheadings with enough space to write up to five resolutions per area. Print this sheet to use on a monthly basis/ just for Ramadan or edit in file to monitor your progress.

Ultimately, every Ramadan resolution needs to be based on self-improvement of the heart, which will lead to cementing your love and reliance on Allah.

Make your own Ramadan resolutions. Download link (pdf 100kb): http://db.tt/RzTEIY5X

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