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Scrapbooking: Mehndi + Weddings

Watching your friends marry is like swallowing a tranquilizer. A sweet joy reluctantly seeps over the panic in your blood, knowing everybody's doing the M thing. Alhamdulillah.
After the photo shoot and 'posery' of the day, I made a scrapbook album of both Hajrah & Sarah Khan, my sisters in faith, using left over decor from the wedding day. A blue cardstock envelope holds 40+ 6" photos with captions. "Shaadi" is the Urdu/Hindi word for wedding/marriage.

A flip-page was made using one photo per sheet - stitched together (better than glue) - with mehndi (henna) patterns stamped and hand drawn on the edges; more of a booklet really. The binding includes red glass beads and a metallic braid stitched with gold thread to glint at the wedding colours.

Twas a colourful day. There was freestyle Afghan dancing, an abundance of flowers and corsages, gold, golden friends and goldier family. 

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