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1970's Love: ♫ Mohammad Rafi songs

Mohammad Rafi was an iconic singer, popular for his playback singing in Indian films for the Bollywood industry which lasted over four decades (1940's - '80's).

He's this epic talented man and he starred in hundreds of major hits, vocally, but there are a few that my family and I (more so my family) have heard in our childhood and have many memories of. There's the films Pyaasa (thirsty) and Kaagaz Ke Phool (paper flowers), and the chunes that I particularly like in Chaudvin Ka Chand (the full moon), a plot based around the Islamic culture in North India, Dosti (friendship), Shaan (peace), Abdullah and Naseeb (destiny). At first the Rafi collection can seem depressing, but then you throw back a few (alcohol-free) drinks and go with the tragic flow. However, he has sang some incredibly hip ones. Emphasis on the incredible.

Rafi also sang the heartbreaking song Yai Duniya, Yai Mehfil in Heer Raanjha ہیر رانجھا , a Punjabi love story that's based on a poem from the 18th century. It basically follows as Romeo Juliet - Guy, Raanjha, meets girl, Heer, they fall in love, they can't marry each other because of family feuds, she ends up marrying someone else, he becomes an ascetic, and one of them dies in the end. Or both, I forget. Rafi (Raanjha) sings this after deep heartbreak and trouble.

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  1. Awww, great post. We have several M. Rafi CD's in our large Indian CD collection. My Amma and Abba love those old classic songs, as do I, but I'm not as knowledgeable as you seem to be here. You love that one song don't you dear? :-)

    I like Ghazals and Qawwali - Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (saw him in concert 2x), Ghulam Ali (saw him 1x).


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