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I'm Huge On Twitter™ And Other Tshirts

Seller: Threadless.com
Buyer: Me, "khello".

What was bought
A large sized "Whoah! It's Like I'm In A Comic Book!"tee.
A medium sized, purple "Lost in My Dreams" tee.
A small sized, tweeder blue, I'm Huge On Twitter™" tee (no longer in print, methinks).

Three different styles and genres, bought for $10 each (on offer)

The purple reindeer tee, bought in the women's cut, has feminine capped sleeves; the neckline is too low for my liking that would need a draping scarf for going outdoors. A cool look overall. The design doesn't wash off at normal temperatures.

My Twitter tee fits well, a shameless self-promoting garment that makes a good conversation starter, 'oh, you're on tweeder? what do you do?' And so on. What's interesting is that the slogan was someone's Twit-update. 
I usually open my jacket to flash tshirt slogans, which is totally worth the reactions. Female Note: it's a short-sleeved, short-length tee so you'd need a full sleeved top to layer or a jacket on top with wide-leg trousers or even a maxi dress to cover the ahem-ahems. Mashed up clothing looks more Islamic! (the zuhd look)

Now that I have another comic inspired tshirt, I spend several minutes (weeks) incorporating retro graphic novel sayings into daily life. For example, the car is no longer the car, it's the "Muslim-obile", and at every opening and closing of doors a combination of "kapowy!" and "badabing-badaboom!" is used, or, for the 1980s Indian action-movie lovers: "dishoom! duff! damaka! tish!" The large sized tee can be worn as is with excellent opacity, again a full sleeved top's needed for outdoor activity, but if you're a Muslim woman, you already knew that. (= All tshirts are available for boys and girls.

I'm looking for these styles with Muslim catchphrases - anyone got links?

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Threadless.com, these are my personal thoughts and I received no compensation for my review. 

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