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Parents (poem)

          Shredded papers.
          Laws of science. One death.
          After another.
          Torn cords.
          Move land, immigrate, integrate, aggregate.
          Marry. Snails.
          Tasting poverty.
          £5 inheritance.
          Tasting property.
          £8000 licence.
          Give birth.
          A son. No, daughter.
          Surely, a son. No, definitely daughter.
          Shredded papers.
          Stale naan.
          Laws of nature. One birth.
          After another.
          Torn cords.
          Move land, integrate, educate.
          Fields of papers.
          Tasting running water.
          £30,000 terraces.
          Tasting pulled ropes.
          Give birth.
          Grey hairs. Grey souls.
          Salt on wounds.
          Give birth. One death.
          After another.
          Torn cord. Unglueable.
          No flowers.
          A flight plan. Move land, instigate, eliminate.
          Tasting bullets.
          £500,000 disbelievers.
          Shattered motors.
          Laws of God. One death.
          After another.
          Tying scarves.
          Building clouds.
          Move land, birthrate, cheapskate, teammate.
          Near life experiences.
          Prayers in mud.
          Red eyes.
          Greyer eyes.
          Wiser souls.
          Shredded papers.

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