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Video: 'When you indulge and breathe in haram, the halal becomes disgusting to you'

'When you indulge in haram (forbidden acts in Islam), when you fall in love with haram, when you eat, sleep and breathe from haram, then the halal becomes disgusting to you'.

That is a profound statement. And it follows the notion that whatever you allow into your ears (speech/music etc.) and whatever you allow into your eyes (visual stimuli) goes directly into your heart. It sticks there and controls what the output is. We are seeing a global increase in public lewd behaviour; younger children are exposed to p*rnography, innocence and modesty are seen as diseases, women are responding to men's sexual degradation with equal vigour. For all this, it is more important to ensure that as morally conscious Muslims we are 'modest with our eyes' to allow us to be 'modest with our heart'...

"Lovestruck Session 2" By AbdelRahman Murphy | http://iantyouth.com
YouTube video by Saqibsaab

Brief transcript of video:
A scary thought - When God says don't do something because it's harmful for you, yet you still fall into it and you don't care, then Allah will take away any semblance of love for the permissible from your heart. You will begin to hate doing good. Feel familiar?

Allah taught us in the Qur'an that our first senses were 'sameerun' - hearing, and 'baseerun' - seeing. These are a reminder of Allah's blessings to us when we choose our actions. When you meet a person for the first time the most important things are what you hear from them, and what you see. There's no time to waste, to skip signs or jump into personal non-important matters, first impressions are of the essence. Every word in the Qur'an are also to read immediately and see, not for skipping. Use your eyes and ears for good.

Do we really think the words we hear or things we see won't affect us?
Just like putting your hand in dough, when you take part in some behaviour, you think you've removed yourself clean, but some parts will stick on you.

People's hearts can really become like stone. Believers will see the Ka'ba during pilgrimage and feel their hearts contract, tighten. Believers will lapse into sloth when the time for prayer ticks closer. Just like the people of Musa, we can become so engrossed in the world's glitter, in self-worship that miracles from God seem small and unconvincing.

Lessons to take (from the veedeeo):
  1. If you are a parent, you need to have complete supervision over your children's usage of the internet. This isn't because parents don't trust their children but because Shaytan (Devil) knows every trick in the book and is not to be trusted even on the www.
  2. To the younger Muslims: PLEASE watch out for what you end up hearing and seeing. You can be your own enemy or best friend, remain morally upright and cool.
  3. Finally, take the steps to address p*rnography problems, shallow magazines, illicit material, these fake people we adore, these fake images and plastic ugliness that are in our homes. Remove them. Before they destroy you.
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  1. Ma'sha'allah, excellent, very relevant to my life, that is for sure. Didn't watch the video as yet, will come soon to do that insha'allah. Jazak'Allahu Khairan.

  2. Thanks Zaufishan for sharing. I couldn't agree more. I only read the transcript, but I can totally relate to what is written. JazakAllah Khayr.

  3. The veedeeoh's under 20 minutes, I made brief notes on the pertinent points so do come back to watch it. Part 3/4 are also online: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SobX_utc4yY&feature=channel


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