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Zaufishan In Best of British Islam Video (TV)

So... I wasn't going to expose this. It's the introduction segment to a film produced by Gazelle Media, based in London. In February 2010 Gazelle Media travelled around England to feature interesting Muslims in their international short film. And I was interviewed for it (tiny part, I'm more of an extra).

The Best of British Islam film casts Muslims from across Britain who have contributed towards the wider community through their activism, teaching and blogs. In the aftermath of the "7/7" attacks in London, the integrity of we British Muslims is often questioned. Are we part of the UK? Do we want to convert the government to shari`ah? Will we remove our ethnic heritage, niqabs and Muslim identities to integrate with everyone else? These questions are also explored.

More importantly the video highlights the normal, day to day but extraordinary routine lives of some Muslims who run organic farms, have immigrated to England for prosperity and those whom have impacted their neighbourhoods through small businesses and small deeds. Watch.

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My interview with Gazelle Media
Gazelle Media.co.uk


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  1. salamunalaikum...

    congratulations sis.!!!

    Mashalah keep it up.


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