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Photos: Autumn in England, 2010

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Even without edibles, the fruit trees are fierce

"shh, nesting here in the homemade bird's house is a baby robin, hear it tweet"...

Magnificent oak & conkers trees. Compare size to car.

I forget what these are called... the name's on the tip of my fingers... eurgh.

For many reasons, this reminded me of God. Rain water, shape, droplets, branches, form, colour, land, slopes, leaves, trees. It's all Good.

Even when they're dying the hydrangeas look pretty in purpley-blues

Oak leaves

Spectacular, like a firework. No?

The path that leads up to the acer tree and archway.

The acer tree. This transforms from its summery rustic red into a boom of pink-orange during the Autumn season. Made in Japan. Ahso.

Bugs are my friends

Even in death there is good

Sparkly enough to eat

Hanging baskets decorate the open spaces with colourful trumpets like these.

Killer Organic Produce
I attended Al-Maghrib (pt.1)
London Central Mosque | Regent's Park Masjid

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