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✰ What I Did On Eid: Eid Outfits, Fundraising & A Personalised Video!

Let me start from the beginning. Bismillah, in the name of God...

  • Some hoopla occurred in our Muslim community over the official moon-sighting in UK - should we follow one sunnan (prophetic practice) which allows for local sightings or "do what the Arabs do" and follow the global position with Hajj? I didn't intervene this year so I had a Three-Day-Eid. Take that and smoke it in your hookah.
  • Monday, 15th Nov 2010. Eid's Eve Day
    • Monday evening began with posting the last batches of Eid cards I made. It was a lastminute.com rush so I'm sorry to international family & friends who will get their Eid card... in January. 
    • Then I donned my mother's apron and took part in a mammoth task of cooking preparations for the Eid Day. My family are an eclectic mix of cultures and nationalities, but holy crap, on festivals we all turn into the Italian-Mafia...
Funny Conversation #1:
My mother: I er, I gottan offa for you, you er, you think you can handle it?
Me: Umi, why are you whispering? What is it?
My mother: If you take out the little chicken, I've got my guns for the baby lambs and we'll meet at 11.15pm sharp to dispose of the evidence... 
Me: You want me to kill the chicken? Wait, is it legal to have those lambs in the backyard...?They're eating all the violas. 
My mother: Now synchronise your watch with mine and use a body-bag. If the neighbours ask or call the cops, give'em the kiss'o'death. 
Me: ...
  • Serving others: It's good practice to join in soup kitchens and handing out food-parcels during Eid. Here in England there are a variety of Islam-run organisations that donate towards shelters, for the homeless and deprived young. I'm a member of Al Maghrib's Qabeelat Mass group for North England which annually holds a soup kitchen.
  • It's now 10pm and my father walks in with groceries and gifts for children at the local masjid. The masjid holds competitions and the sisters' section goes the whole 9-yards with nasheed contests, qiraat, Eid parties etc. My father spends 90% of his waking time at some masjid or another. He's holding a huge bouquet of roses in his hand and my first thought is, it must be for the masjid.
Funny conversation #2
Then he hands them over to me and says:  'These are for you'. 
Me: Me?! (uh-oh, something's wrong) Why, what happened? ...What-did-you-do.
My father: Nothing! I was only going to get them for your mother then I thought you might think I didn't think of you and if I only got them for you, your mother would think I didn't think of her so I got a huge bunch - look at the price label, it was that expensive - and you can split them however you like. Everybody's happy, yeah?
Me: You didn't have to. (He didn't have to). I'll go show mum.
My father: Good, good. Make sure to show her the price tag.
Me: ...

Eid flowers from my father, may Allah reward & bless him

It was a sweet and noble gift as usually my father in his terminator-like roles cannot keep up with family time. It was better than his usual sentiments. Years ago for my birth-day he once bought me toothpaste. I'm not kidding.
  • It's 2am now and my siblings want mehndi (henna) patterns. I pull a copy-paste job and even managed a little doodle on my hand. I fell asleep with it still on, but mashaAllah, it didn't look too mussed in the mornin'.

African inspired henna patterns
  • Tuesday, 16th Nov 2010. Eidmas Day:
    • Food: This is how we lay the spread at the Zaufishan residence. Later I got calls and emails for interviews on the Hajj season, Muslim vegetarianism and how Muslims celebrate Eid - I had to pass in favour of home made Ras-Malaiee.
Pomegranate seeds with lamb chops, chicken casserole, raita (yoghurt thing),
                                      ...and Raffaello.
    • Eid outfits:

From the left: I in a greyish jilbaab, my sister's purple jilbaab from AlHijab & my other sister in a red maxi dress from Quiz

    • Gifts: "Butthead" - the aim of the game is to throw felt balls onto a velcro hat for 50, 100 or 200 points. 
<- Here is my younger brother enthusiastically posing in his new favourite butt-headgear. 

We also forced our aunt Nikki to take part. She looks beautiful in yellow ->

On this note, thank you to family & friends who donated towards my fundraising and orphan sponsorship in Mozambique. I have enough to cover the next 6 mnths, alhamdulillah wa jazakallah!

I met my second youngest cousin The Ramadan Baby of 2009, named Safi and now in penguin-walking mode. Masha'Allah. 

Little girls wanted me to take pitchers of their mehndi too. (pitchers: pictures).

  • Wednesday, 17th Nov 2010. Eidmas Boxing Day.
    • I come across br. Farid's online competition where he personalised Eid videos messages for fans who simply wished him a happy Eid. Farid Music is the musical talent of Farid Alhadi and you may know him from his infamous Birthday X spoof, First Day Fast. I caught the first few Eid videos, he even made one for Imam Suhaib Webb, so I said 'kudos' and wanted to promote them. Next thing I know is br. Farid included me in one of his messages (I find it somewhat embarrassing when boys mention my name). Jazakallah khairan to br. Farid & family and his little boy. Eid Mubarak 

So, now I'm recovering from the above and more, there's a fog here on the English hills and I'm counting the days to my birth-day.

How was Eid for you?
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  1. Ma'sha'allah, what an entertaining post!

    First - aww, I think you're dad is cute! It made me laugh and all warm inside with the flower gift! LOL@ toothpaste gift!!! HAHAHA! Indeed, May Allah (swt) Bless and Reward him! Ameen!

    Second - OH EMM GEEE - that food looks delicious!! I LOVE RAITA!!! Goes best with biryani, don't you think? I consider myself South Indian (dad's family) and biryani is a central dish at each of my uncle's/aunty's homes. I used to eat pomegranate seeds a lot when I was a little one, not so much anymore though.

    Thirdly - headgear - awesome! Yes, auntie looks pretty snazzy in yellow! :-)

    Aww, little cousin is handsome ma'sha'allah, when they get to that penguin walking stage, they are fun and so cute, but gotta keep an eye on them for sure!

    OK, That is the SWEETEST, MOST ENDEARING, MOST AWESOME little Islam/E'id-related jingle I've ever heard!! What a sweetheart of a brotha'! May Allah (swt) Bless him for his thoughtfulness and kindness (Ameen!) - you deserve it Sis! :-)

  2. Wallahi it's exposing, difficult to explain to a brother. I need someone to ask him to mute it!

  3. Your jilbab is BEAUTIFUL!


  4. @Urooba, shukran, may Allah accept all your good deeds, ameen.

  5. Who's idea was the butt head?? It looks excellent!!

  6. The outfits are beautiful - aww my three little babies...

  7. Lol, woman everyone's gonna think we're itty bitty women. Love you too. (:

  8. i think i look amazing in purple..... :D hehe
    Ur photography is ace! flowers look beautiful mashallah :)

  9. Yoan Utami Putri12/05/2011, 15:58


    zaufishan.... IT's GREAT thing to know you... may Allah bless you... salaam ukhuwah fillah from me, YOAN from INDONESIA....

  10. Wa`alaykum salam Yoan, may Allah bless you too, more, and forgive you, more. And more and more. Peace and respect from your neighbour in the northern hemisphere - England!

  11. woww awesome stuff sister !! <3

  12. Thanking you, jazakallah khayr for dropping by Memoonah. Remember us in your duas, please.


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