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November, the month of Birthdays

Muslims generally avoid celebrating birthdays to avoid imitating festivals of those outside the Islamic faith; it's good character to separate Muslimness behaviour from harmful behaviour. In spite of that, many, many Muslims do like to commemorate the days they, their children and their loved ones were sent to Earth. I tend to make du`a (a supplication) on birth-days for people, maybe send them a handmade card, a post-it note or a very lengthy email with stars.
Wherever you stand on the birthday issue, please hush for 5 minutes as I bask in the only attention people give me during my month of birth. Alhamdulillah for being one year older, wiser, greyer, wrinklier and crankier. Where the flop are my glasses?!

Additionally, November birthdays of beautiful and brilliant people I know:

In ascending order,
  • 1st Nov - Companion #1.
  • 2nd Nov - Burt LancasterShah Rukh Khan. I don't know why I know this, it's irrelevant to me and has no bearing on what I do, but still, I remember them. Pitiful.
  • 3rd Nov - My uncle.
  • 5th Nov - Companion #2.
  • 8th Nov - My other uncle. (You still owe me £300 from 2008).
  • 10th Nov - Companion #3.
  • 12th Nov- Companion #4.
  • 14th Nov - King Hussein of Jordan. Again, no idea how I know this. If you're reading though your eminency, 'appy birthday chuck! (I wonder if he'd give me £300 for the mention?)
  • 18th Nov - Companion #5.
  • 25th Nov - Companion #6.
  • 27th Nov - Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Lee. Two others, you know who you are. And mine.
FYI: I like edible things, large, fast, and driven things, things I can wear (think blazers and boots) and things I can read. I'm Muslim, so I'm into the whole "I'll make du`a for you" reward, but don't cheat me out of a tangible, shop-bought plastic present.

Oh, if it's your birth-day in November, may God keep you steadfast, patient, pereversing, healthy and happy, and keep you alert of your short time and jobs-to-do. Ameen.

Yours sincerely,

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  1. My Amma's birthday is on Saturday! (Nov. 6)

  2. November 17th-Companion #7

  3. So many companions :) that's why november's the bestest.

  4. MashaAllah. Tis the bestest indeed. 'Appy birthday to you too chuck, alhamdulillah. I'll add you for next years' list.


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