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A rose by any other name would still be Muslim

Earlier this year my mother took a cutting from a miniature rose plant and asked me to feed it, watch it grow and so on (ie, not kill it). I like to know what I'm responsible for so I researched but haven't figured the type of rose it is yet - a "Linville"? - No. It could be a Cinderallaa Hombre rose or an Irresistible. For months the plant branched out glossy green leaves so I didn't think anything of it. A few weeks ago a single shy bud developed at the top, unseen. And then four days ago, it danced open. And then I was all 'woah'. (My Keanu Reeves impression).

50+ cm in height with a rose measuring 8cm (and friggin' thorny) 
The rose is the size of a tiny cupcake and looks equally edible. It has papery soft petals but is surrounded by cocky green plastic leaves. There's hikmah, wisdom in this, although I'm more intrigued by its design. Look at it. And think about it. Where did it come from? Who designed it? How did it know to bloom into that pink blushed shade with that many odd number of petals? Why is it here? Like the metaphors we use to compare beautiful things, this rose is all woman. Modest in its exposure, virtuous, a little flirty at the edges and only beautiful to those who can see it with both eyes. All questions aside though, as a believer in One God, I can firmly say that like my mother, and I, this rose is a Muslim.


  1. Ma'sha'allah, I love this post! As you know, I'm a big rose fan myself.
    Wow, it's beautiful (Subhan'Allah) - and yes, how can one not think of it's Creator, given the flower's intricate beauty, how it's growth is planned out, etc.

    LOL@ cupcake reference! Stop thinking about food! ;-) hehe.

    Yes the thorns - gotta watch out for those - ouch! Wonder if that feature could fit into the metaphor you mentioned . . . .:-D

  2. Thorns? Women? What're you trying to imply?? =o

  3. Green fingers24/11/2010, 00:56

    Waooooooo..!!!!! How can you deny the existence of God? This absolutely amazing fluttery creation is a witness to His existence. No wonder Allah says there are signs for men of understanding .. but then do you have the understanding? Go outside for 5 mins, investigate and analyse Allah's green creation. Do you see what I see??

  4. Kjkdhjhdi Lkjf24/11/2010, 00:58

    That is beautiful - I'm glad you have'nt killed it yet. Re-pot it before sunrise otherwise you will!!

  5. Mother, seeing you like this is messing up the formidable image you've made for yourself. MashaAllah, understood & implementing inshaAllah.
    ps. Come back soon!

  6. Much love, your daughter.

  7. Dear Mother - this plant shrivelled & died. When you read me I want you know to know I am burying it in the back garden before you yell at me for not repottin' it. Salaminngs. .


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