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Books & Toys To Buy (for me)

Birth-day gift 1Birth-day gift(s) 2.
Books I need:

CD's I want:
Gadgets I seek:

So that totals to round-about £160 minus the phone (!) HOWEVER, as in previous years I do not expect you to buy all the birthday-gifts listed here... Perhaps you could divide them amongst family abroad. Or ask your children to buy one each. (= I'm flexible like that. Your favourite daughter, niece, sister, granddaughter and cousin, Zaufishan.

...cartwheels away into fields of daisies...


  1. Do you have a previous iPhone model or are you looking to join the rest of the world? Ugh! they're everywhere. (All my cuzins back home have one, me is making sure I get anything except that phone in Dec).

    Hmm, awesome list. Don't think I can find any of the items here though :-(

  2. lol @ My Mother :: I've got a clock now, thank you very much. (:

  3. @MF, oye, I'm not asking you to partake in anything, this is a strictly family-list for execution! Make du`a for me man.

  4. Han-ji! Samajgaya. Zaroor mere taraf se du'a - hamesha.


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