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Dealing With Cultural Differences In Muslim Marriage

If you have recently moved to the UK you may find that you come up against a clash of cultures when you start a new relationship. Coming from an Islamic country you probably want to maintain the traditions of your heritage while adapting to life in the UK. This article looks at the cultural differences in a relationship between people of Muslim descent and other UK citizens.

Cultural clashes

Cultural differences can put a massive strain on a relationship, and an inter-faith relationship can be particularly difficult. The way you have been brought up has a huge influence on what you want out of life.

If you have set ideas on gender roles in a marriage, religious and political opinions and moral beliefs, you are unlikely to have a successful relationship with someone who does not share those same values.

Although inter-faith and interracial marriages are continually rising, they only work if both partners are willing to compromise and have an understanding and respect for their partner’s differing opinions.

Keeping tradition alive

When you move away from your country of birth everything can seem very alien and so it is important to keep the traditions you have grown up with alive. Continuing with your religious and cultural practices helps you maintain a connection to home, to your faith and to that important part of you which you want to stay true to despite immersing yourself in a new country.

Of course, it is important to embrace the ways of the country you have moved to, but there is no reason why you can’t stay true to your heart and keep up with all the traditions that you are used to practising.

Adapting to modern life in the UK

It can feel quite challenging to keep Muslim traditions alive when you are living in a non-Muslim country like the UK. You don’t want to alienate yourself from new people who you are meeting but you also don’t want to lose touch with your country of birth. But you can practise Islam no matter where you are in the world insha-Allah, God willing.

Islam is a way of life and by adhering to the Muslim values of equality, justice, honesty and modesty you will be connected to that part of your lifestyle whilst still adapting to life in the UK.

As a Muslim in a non-Muslim country you have a responsibility of representing Islam in a positive light. By adhering to the peaceful moral code of Islam you will be showing your new friends in the UK the value of your Islamic beliefs.

If you are looking to find a marriage partner and start a family in the UK it is probably important to you to find someone who shares your values and morals. By signing up to eHarmony, dating site in the UK, you can specify exactly the type of person that you are looking for.

This means that you can search for other Muslim singles who are looking for marriage. By doing this you can find a partner who is living in the UK, but who understands the importance of maintaining cultural tradition.

The Shendy family, Egypt, Image {flickr}

Cultural clashes can be a problem when it comes to relationships, so when looking for love, it may be a good idea to find other singles who share your beliefs, values and life goals. Life in the UK can be very rewarding, and while it is important to adapt and engage in a new culture, it is also easy to keep your religious traditions alive.

Main image: flickr
Source: eHarmony

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