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How To Sign Up On Half Our Deen.com

Many are curious about Half Our Deen, the Muslim matrimonial website created by 'Baba Ali', while others are doubtful, and some question its halal-factor. Whatever your preconceived thoughts are, I will explain why HOD is legitimate, safe and Muslim-friendly in a later article insha'Allah. For now however, and for those seriously interested in signing up for the sole purpose of marriage, here is a step-by-step instructional to registering.

Total Time: 15-20 minutes.
What You Need To Do: Undergo some form of personal training for marriage, have a consultation with family, an imam or your wali (guardian) although you do not need references or something similar to sign up. Have the honest intention to marry, bring a credit card and most importantly tawwakul'Allah (trust in Allah).

Log onto

The First Things.
Before you get started I strongly recommend reading the Terms and Conditions to understand the legalities behind Halfourdeen. Don't even proceed without reading them. This is not like opening up a bank account, and you should not be registering "just to check the website out."
It's also a good idea to read the FAQs because the majority of your questons are answered here.

Most Common Questions Answered
  • What is Halfourdeen?
'Half Our Deen is more than just a matchmaking site – it’s an innovative, easy-to-use, and private service created just for Muslims, to help you find your other half. We use unique Compatibility Tests on 56 different levels to match you with other members. We focus on areas that are most important to Muslims; Deen, Character, Family and (recently updated) a 'Would you marry?' test.'

  • How is Half Our Deen different from other Muslim marriage websites?
'At HalfOurDeen.com, we’re interested in a lot more than just resumes or statistics. (After all, you’re not buying a car here.) We use “real people” information to make your matches, including in-depth personality tests, a unique categorized matching system, and personalized questions that get to the heart of what’s important to you. We also provide entertaining videos for keeping your marriage successful long after the Nikkah. Plus, we cost a lot less than other matchmaking sites.

{Watch Baba Ali's YT video The Half Our Deen Difference}

  • Is Half Our Deen Private?
'Unlike other websites that allow anyone on the Internet to view your personal information, we at Half Our Deen respect your privacy and believe that the only people who should know that you're on our site are other members of Half Our Deen. We never sell or share your personal information with any third party.'

*Editor note: Once you're a member you still cannot see the profiles of the same gender - you don't need to; sisters cannot read other sisters' profiles, brothers cannot read the profiles of other brothers. What you share in the About Me section and any photo uploads are seen by other members only. Continue reading for full details on privacy below.

  • If I am a parent, can I sign up my son or daughter on Half Our Deen?
'Yes! Absolutely. We encourage parents to be involved in the decision-making process. We actually have an option that allows you to sign your son or daughter up as a parent. Most of our parents have been married for twenty-plus years and we believe they provide valuable experience that will help their kids make the right decision.'

Lets Get You Hooked
The actual registration is a 3 step process. It won't take more than 5 minutes:
After clicking on the Halfourdeen website, you'll see a blue START HERE button under brother Ali's face (a video).

Step 1. Registration.
Click START HERE. You'll be taken to the first form and first step to registering. You must fill in all the sections of this form honestly and completely. I will add here that if you refresh any of the pages before paying to confirm the registration (yes, there is a payment) you will need to go through the process again. 

The username you choose cannot be changed (I think) but that's not a problem as your real name is used on the profile page - which others will see.

You must fill in all the sections before clicking NEXT. You can change your actual name - first and last names - later on, say, for example if you want to include a middle name.

Make sure your password is at least 8 characters long with at least 1 numerical character - i.e. a number.

Select your real date of birth from the drop-down menus. Your age will be shown on your profile page. Currently, the age group of members ranges from 18-45+ with the majority being 20-35 so you'll no doubt fit right in. The social barriers of age are not an obstacle on Half Our Deen although potentials will rightfully look for someone closer to their own age. The point being: don't lie, use your real date of birth. Click NEXT.

Step 2. Tell HOD a little more about you.
About You: Write a few sentences off the top of your head about what makes you tick, or if you're quite expressive type out a well-rounded bio. This will be seen by other members and you can edit this later. You can also erase it completely to leave a blank profile but to proceed onto registration you need to type a little information. There is a word limit.

Your Match: Here you type a little about your potential partner in crime. For example, "his" preferred background, "her" preferred age, or location, whatever you deem important criteria. You can edit this later, and there is a word limit again of approximately 250 words, a guesstimate of about 1500 characters.

Your Photo: Upload a photo of yourself, easy. Modesty issues and personal barriers come to the fore here since many sisters, and brothers would you believe, do not wish to show their photo for public viewing. The Halfourdeen blog comments have reflected this as users have honestly noted that those profile pages that do not include a personal photo become difficult to assess or figure out.

The HOD blog post Profile Pictures: the Good, the Bad, the Scenery? explains this issue quite well and what makes a suitable and modest photo - and what doesn't. In the end, it is up to each individual to share their photos, it's not obligatory on HOD. But it helps. After all, this is a private marriage service which only the selected opposite gender see, for the purposes of marriage, unlike Facebook or walking the streets where the world's eyes don't blink. Uploaded a photo? Click NEXT.

Step 3. Let's Get Personal.
This is the fun part. You are presented with an initial set of 14 questions (subject to change) that are about describing you, and again, your potential match. These do not have right/wrong answers. To complete the registration you must complete these questions by selecting your answers but you can alter them accordingly after you log in, or leave them blank.

Some interesting questions asked include: 

Which describes you best? (I AM MORE...)
- Emotional
- Logical
Your ideal match would answer:
- Emotional
- Logical
How important is this question to you?

Which describes you best? (I / I AM...)
- Avoid conflict
- Insistent
Your ideal match would answer:
- Avoid conflict
- Insistent
How important is this question to you?

Which describes you best? (I AM MORE...)
- Just
- Compassionate
Your ideal match would answer: 
- Just
- Compassionate
How important is this question to you?

At the end of each question is a rating 'How important is this question for you?' with a choice of up to 5 stars for you to rate your personal value of that question. Select your star ratings or leave them blank, I'll explain how these work under the compatibility test header below. After you've selected your answers click NEXT.

Registration is nearly complete!

After filling in the quick bio form Halfourdeen directs you to the payment page. And now it gets serious. This payment page shows 4 things; a video message from br. Ali who explains why there's a 'no entry front door' on HOD, underneath which the unique and exclusive features from HOD are listed.

Also on this page is the actual payment form. All payments are currently accepted only through credit card.

There are plans to create a PayPal payment option in the near future. Yes, there is a fee, yes it's for the sake of Allah. No, that is not a contradiction and I shall explain why in an article later insha'Allah

Lets get back to registering for the sake of your marriage.

The price is split into two plans and is upfront - there are no hidden extra charges, and you cannot register to roam around unless you pay. This separates the nobodies from the somebodies. The back to back monthly fee is $9 US, about £6 British sterling depending on the exchange rate (I haven't checked), and a whole year's subscription is $5 a month, $60 in total. That's approximately £37 for a whole year of marriage support.

Fill in the payment details - get the bill payer's permission. A confirmation email will be sent to your account. Your registration details and username are also sent to you which you can now use to log in. Hurray, you registered on Halfourdeen.com and we didn't even break into a sweat.

Logging In.

Browse back onto Half Our Deen homepage and type in your username and password to SIGN IN (there's another login link on the purple navigation bar, up top). Click SUBMIT. You will now taken to the members only homepage. Nobody can see this except members, and even then, much of your personal information is filtered out to protect privacy, for instance the test you just took.

Logged In.
And now that you're logged in, you can edit and finalise your profile page, upload however many photos of whatever you like (I do not know if there's a limit). In the same breath since HOD is a serious matrimonial site, photos will no doubt need to be decent, of YOU or of things connected to YOU. I do not know if photos and profile pages are moderated either but Allah is watching, and that is more than enough of a deterrent to prevent users from mockery.

So now, you can wait for someone to find you, make the first move yourself or inform others that you've registered so the good word spreads of your singleitis. It would be inappropriate to disclose the content of the members' only pages, although the effective compatibility tests and communication updates between members are mentioned again in the HOD blog.

How The Compatibility Tests Work.
You took a quick questionnaire before registering, which has branched out onto a variety of researched open-ended questions. These are located on your profile page. The questionnaires are categorised under Religious Views, Family, Character and Would You Marry? which, once answered, are powered by a proprietary custom algorithm that calculates the match percentages between you, and every single other member of the opposite gender. You see these percentile statistics on the members only site. These statistics also generate an email that's sent to you once a week, as a reminder of sorts that *yay, we think you're compatible* {format designed by Iman Studios}.

There's also a personal question module that allows you to add your own questions of what matters most to you - a maximum of 21 questions (perhaps too many, I say not enough). Other members can answer these out of choice to become acquainted with one another; this is an unusual but successful communication.

*Editor note: Never undermine the value of questioning and questionnaires, I have both, tried and tested. In keeping with Islamic modesty, Muslim men and woman do not have the liberty of dating one another or taking generous time to become familiar, emotionally attached, attracted even, with one another. Straightforward but sincere questioning eliminates the risk of off-road communication and puts families at ease, that yes, you're communicating with the oppose gender, with Islamic ettiquette, for marriage.

How Members Communicate.
If the questionnaires, compatibility tests and personalised questions weren't enough, Half Our Deen have upped their new messaging system between members. Similar to Facebook and Gmail, users' private messages between other members are grouped by who they are from, to whom sent and by date. This creates a more organised system for tracking which potential partners in crime you're communicating with.

*Editor note: Many members have congratulated this commenting system and remarked on the calibre of high character memberships due to participants' active and serious attitude. So, you're never going to get silly messages or random pokes insha'allah. If you do, you can always report them!

For more information read Halfourdeen's Privacy Policy.

HalfOurDeen Disclaimer:
"Our goal with Half Our Deen is to do everything Islamically, and if anything good is gained from this Muslim Matrimonial site then it is only by the mercy of Allah (swt) and if there are any shortcomings, then it is from us. As human beings, we are not perfect and by accepting these terms and conditions, you agree not to hold us accountable on the Day of Judgment for any of our mistakes or shortcomings."

Join the Half our deen Facebook group for immediate events info and updates.

I will make du`a your future is rewarding, like a beautiful tree that grows nourishing fruit. Preferably, oranges. Happy marriage hunting,

Zaufishan ★
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