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Test Your Surah Bayyinah Vocabulary With the Dynamo Arabic Word Game

This is what it took for me to memorise Surah Bayyinah. Hardcore blad. 

There are stages to memorising Qur'an. Some students need a few learning techniques while others have a photographic memory. These are certain skills that Allah has given to everyone which we should hone in on to realise our potential. Our teachers and scholars tell us to always, always go back and read the chapter aloud and our Prophet Muhammad, Allah's peace and blessings be upon him, reminded us that the mind is like a sieve. To retain a good memory the recitation needs to constantly pour from our hearts.

For me, I have 5 dead-straight steps to learning a Qur'an chapter.

  1. Reading from the same Mus'haf (Arabic scripture) at least 50+ times. 
    • I will read longer chapters 75-100 times just to hear the flow, rhythm, the emphasis and the beauty. Of course, repetition is key to pick up on weaknesses, breathing techniques and concentration. I like to close my eyes and really hear the words, imagine them being revealed to me, and in the presence of their first revelation.
  2. Listening to the chapter being recited by a Qari or imam with ijazah (permission) to teach. 
    • I find myself being a little fussy here by preferring to choose one Qari because of his style. But I ensure that it is a qir'aat (recitation style) that is sound, simple and again, with beauty in its tone. Listen to Shaykh Mishary read Surah Bayyinah.
  3. Studying the translation and tafsir (exegesis) so much so that I memorise the meaning of each single word. 
    • This step is key for me. If I do not know what I am reading and what those words of Allah subhanahu wa ta`la mean, then I am not fulfilling my obligation to Him and I feel kinda stupid for parrot reading, albeit with a melodious tone, void of heart. Khayr. Knowing Allah's words is vital to allowing them enter the heart; they are easily imprinted. I always memorise the English translation alongside the Arabic, partly because I am not an Arabic speaker too!
  4. Writing out the Arabic verses until I am fluent and do not miss a dot or dash.
    • Copy books or draft notebooks are perfect for copying out the Arabic script and to improve one's calligraphy. In Arabic calligraphy courses there is emphasis placed on turning the letters into 'music for the eyes'. There should be balance, beauty, depth, movement and a melody. But, a sheet of repeated Arabic verses will get you started to becoming more familiar with the characteristic of Arabic letters. Eventually you get to a point where you do not need the diacritical marks (the fatha, kathra, dhamma etc).
  5. Making a word game or Arabic flashcards.
    • Finally, ladies and gentlemen, the pow-action to drive home the Surah being memorised, use an Arabic refresher game to quiz yourself. Make a pop quiz using just the references: 'What does verse 108:4 mean?' Write out 'buzz words' from the surah onto poster paper or flash cards to recall each verse. Or, like me, look up each word, its grammar and make a studious report on the history and meaning of that surah. Get a friend involved or compete with your siblings.
Play the Arabic Word Game for Surah Bayyinah.

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