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Collection of Duas (Make A Dua Book)

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Creating your own du`a-book is a 'rainy-day' project. All you need is a keen memory and du`a list and a pocket notebook (upcycle a moleskin book or DIY by binding sheets of handmade paper).  I've had a personal du`a book since high school in which I've jotted down supplications, cool quotes and prophetic prayers. I also make a habit of only writing down that which I can or have memorised, there's no point in bombarding a mind with more than it can absorb.

Here are some I have already shared:

  1. Dua for Times of Distress
  2. What Are The Virtues of The Month of Rajab?
  3. Did The Answer To My Istikhara Come In My Dreams?
  4. Duas For Ramadan Season
  5. When It Rains It Pours - Asking Allah For Pure Water
  6. Forgive, Strengthen And Guide Me
  7. Dua: Allah Has Something Better For You
  8. Asking Allah To Rescue You
  9. 10 Easy Steps To Developing Imaan Before Sleep
  10. Accepting Allah's Decree (Qadr)
  11. Dua For Leaving Home (and moving)
  12. Dua For Closing The Eyes of The Departed
  13. Marriage Dua Place Cards (Creative Project)
  14. Building Love الحب for Allah
  15. Dua For When In Anguish or Suffering
  16. Dua For Breaking The Fast in Ramadan
  17. When Hearing Thunder
  18. How To Perform The Dua of Istikhara
  19. For our Parents
  20. Short Dua For Day of Arafat
Along the journey of reading motivational prayers you'll find your own style of learning and sharing. Create a du`a-circle where you and friends swap short duas and quotes, or create a blog to collate unlimited information. Type up the duas you already know along with a tickable chart and save them to USB or create a downloadable file so that the cyber-world can benefit. The less technology you use the better for your mind really but there's no escaping modern living. However and whenever you do it, get family and friends involved for a regional effort, or make it scrapbooky, create a du`a book with your little ones and keep on reading them.

Prophet Muhammad, Allah's peace and blessings be upon him, told the Sahaba to roam the meadows of heaven. When the Sahaba asked where those meadows were, he told them, 'halaqa dhikr', the circles of remembrance [Tirmidhi]. Remember Allah more often to not lose your time.

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