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'Allah' Blue Ink Sketch

Inspired by Celtic, oriental, Indian and Moroccan decorative pieces, this 12"x12" sketch was drawn in blue inks split into four sections for contrast.

*Note: with respect to readers with copyright issues I clarify that this design was not intentionally copied from a single source or "my" idea - whoever creates similar pieces, theirs is the unique originality. 

Research was carried out for this and several other sketches have been made taking inspiration from artists and objects.

All further photos of the work will be taken insha-Allah down to prevent plagiarism issues.

Display plates and Mediterranean furnishings were another source of ideas, from which I interlaced patterns and shapes.

Sections are filled in with various borders but split into four corners so that two shades of dark blue ink contrast the lighter. Allah's glorious name is yet to be outlined.

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  1. this is GORGEOUS masha'Allah....please do post a picture of it when it's done!

  2. Salaam, did you do this? Is this one of your many talents subhan Allah??

  3. Ji, I did. Ma-sha-Allah, as Allah wills.

  4. Stunning sis! Blue is my favorite color too so this is just that more pleasing to my eyes...ma'sha'allah well done! 

  5. You must have a lot of time on your hands to do all this! I'm guessing you stay indoors a lot?

  6. God enables productive work for whomever He allows and I live in a tree. So that's negative for both.

    And God is greater.


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