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Scrapbooking For Parents

A few years back I got into the swing of scrapbooking and turned pro. The craft is based on transforming ordinary photos from albums into artistic expressions using spectacular gadgets or simple recycled papers.

I made this "ummi-mom-mama-mum" scrapbook page for my own mother's birth-day. We designed it around her hobbies and style, which she really loved. We also made witty poems about her age. She hit us.

Ingredients: 12x12" printed paper in green and pink, an assortment of brads (split pins), cardstock flower cutouts, large tags, ribbon, mulberry paper, double sided tape and fine-liner marker pens.

All tools and materials are available from craft stores. Using split pins and dangly cutouts adds another dimension to flat images; acid-free and lignin-free double sided tape is better than paper glue as it prevents photos from yellowing; mulberry paper is handmade and tearable. Always glue down everything after deciding your final layout and finish off with ribbony accessories.

Stamps and rub-ons
I made the large "m" by inking a pre-cut letter. I used a leaf stamp over the base for the effect you see. A rub-on was used next to the purple tag for the quote "You can only perceive...". Rub-ons are waxy printed images protected with a plastic film. You peel back the film and place the image (or text) where needed before rubbing (or scraping) the top with a wooden stick to secure the image in place. It's kinda like a temporary tattoo but it doesn't peel off.

Pre-cut letters are great for ready made titling and messaging. Above, "abu" is a 1.5" word created from cut outs and secured with glue dots. Although the art is called scrapbooking, it's a highly prized and professional career. Less scrap, more... architectural design.

Beading technique
This "Parents" title was used on a wedding photo. A large "p" cardstock letter was spray painted gold, which you could simply colour with a gold marker pen. Once dry, I wrapped red wire with red pipe beads around the letter. The wire is secured at the back with tape and the letter can then be stuck down anywhere. Fabulous.

With my eco-muslimness {http://ecojihad.blogspot.com} on the rise I've researched recycled materials (especially papers) and invested in vegetable inks for future craft projects. Stationery is something every home has, so even if creativity doesn't exist in your workspace - office supplies do, and checking their enviro-factor is important. White paper for example, although innocent-faced, is a criminal in water wastage and damage to trees. Something to think about.

Happy crafting and Ramadan duas.

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