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Killing Your Back To Read Qur'an? Get A Floor Chair

It's an age-old Muslim tradition to read the Qur'an sitting on the floor. Out of humility and to revere the magnitude of reading Allah's Words, Muslims prepare themselves through wudhu - a ritual ablution - and find the most suitable environment to study and connect with the Qur'an. This includes sitting in a position for an hour or so that's comfortable and won't detract from the peace of reading.

Now, if like me, you're an old-ish twig with a spine so bent out of shape, the dead dinosaurs laugh, you're going to need an ergonomically designed seat. And here are a few I recommend:

The Back Jack Portable Folding Chair is probably one of the most popular as it's got a strong back and is fairly comfortable. The bottom rest is designed well so you're legs aren't completely flat out but the back-rest has no curve to support your lower back. After an hour, you'd need to get up, realign your bones then sit back down.

It packs away flat and is constructed of a steel frame with padding and a cotton cover. It could do with a handle for children, maybe wheels but that's probably pushing it. My rating (out of 5 ★) 2★

The Meditation Floor Chair is a little more pricey (almost doubled) and only available in the US. But while it's designed to also pack away flat, the back rest stops at various points so you can slouch or sit upright. 

The 'meditation' chair (what a cool name) needs arm rests, and maybe a little cup holder for qawah!

We used to have similar seats at the school I went to on which the bottom stand was extended so a friend would sit right behind me on the same seat, sharing the back support. 'Twas sweet. My rating 3★

Picnic Time Portable Recliner looks more suitable for reading Qur'an on the floor, even though it's aimed for outdoor benches.

Made from a steel frame and covered in high density foam and polyester, it folds away flat, has an adjustable shoulder strap and is light to carry around. 

I'm thinking this is a practical alternative for children who usually read in the masjid, for what seem like never-ending hours. 

With a larger seat one can also sit cross-legged, and lean back with good support. No more squishy, squirmy movements, if you get my drift. The shape is great but it also needs an arm rest. I want. Now!

My rating 4★

I found this Japanese seating arrangement blogged at Seatingzone. It consists of a mesh support backrest with a floor mat, on which a cushion is placed, and there's a cushioned arm rest (I like that, quite regal lookin'). I can see myself sat upright calling a chai-walla and getting another minion to fan me as I read. 

Traditionally, these are called Tatami mats, part of the honoured seating arrangements and tea serving culture. 

Anywho, this would be a great investment for our Qur'an reading spaces, and dare I say it, a great investment for the masjid funds pot. My rating 5★

If you've a particular seat or cushion you use for Qur'an reading let me know, or tell us where you got it from.

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  1. Cool review. Thanks for sharing. Indeed, would be nice to have such things in the mosque prayer and/or reading areas/study rooms.

  2. Reading on an iPad also works well.

  3. Or a Kindle. Not the same as holding a book though, loses the effect of reading off parchments.

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