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Writing To Prisoner Rachid Ramda In France

Many human rights organisations appear to have now forgotten brother Rachid Ramda. But I still write to him and sometimes he writes back with requests for du`a. Please do not deprive him of your support. 

Quick bio: Rachid Ramda, an Algerian architect and former British resident, was sentenced in France to life imprisonment without parole in 2007 for his alleged involvement in the 1995 Paris bombings - the verdict upheld when he appealed in late 2009. Key evidence against him was originally obtained from a co-defendant who had been tortured during interrogation while in French custody. He maintains his innocence to this day.

Prior to his extradition from the UK in 2005, Rachid spent a decade in the notorious HMP Belmarsh, locked up for 23 hours a day in a small cell. Known for his generosity and stoic patience, he was much loved by his fellow prisoners and became a lifeline for them, to the extent he became known as Rachid ‘One Brother Wonder’ Ramda. Whilst in prison, he completed his memorisation of the Qur'an as well as an Open University Course in English literature.

Before he was extradited, Rachid had commented:

"I keep flying the flag of hope but I can't go on forever without Allah's Support and your support". 

Send a letter or card to console Rachid. Let him know he has not been abandoned.
Monsieur Rachid RAMDA
92 1989
Div 2/15
MA Fresnes
Allée des Thuyas
94261 Fresnes Cedex,

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