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✰ Today, is just another fakir day.

#It's your birth-day and I know you want to riii-iiide out...
I'm typing this 7 days in advance. It's Saturday 20th Nov and in a week, as you read this, inshaAllah I'll be one year older. As an aging Muslim female this is devastating news. The community is praying I am cured and my family really "feel for me" (!) I am not terminally ill, shukrAllah but old age is the only disease that the youth want. Today is a day I pray like any other, I meet and greet people with good adab (graceful manners) and ask that everyone make du`a for me, just as you would for your sister or mother, and I, as always include you in my du`a too. 

Signing out,

Zaufishan. *oh my gosh, you're how old?! attaches chocolate drip to veins*

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  1. BIRTHDAY MUBAROOOOOUK! hmmm..having read the above come to the conclusion ? that today is Saturday 21 Thw al-Hijjah 1431 A.H. (27/11/2010) its your Birthday today ? am I correct or not ?

  2. Why, thank you. Make du`a for us and ask Allah to forgive us of our pride, inshaallah.


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