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Video: Muhammad AlShareef's Questions Answered by Masjid-Nabawi Imam

This year Muhammad Alshareef got to sit with the Imam of the Prophet's Masjid in Madinah, Shaykh Salah AlBedeir. He asked him two questions. The answers were so cool and profound, Muhammad Alshareef simply had to make a video explaining them.

The 2 Questions were:
  1. For a Hafidh kid who wants to keep low so as not to show off, what do you advise since you lead hundreds of thousands of people in prayer? (note: he gave a SUPER answer you *probably* have NOT heard before).
  2. What's it like inside the area of the grave of the Prophet (Allah's blessings and peace be upon him)?

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Full video transcript (10mins):
'Asalam`alaykum to our Hajj story! (promoted on Facebook). Jazakallah to br. Shehzad from CDA (Canadian Dawah Association) for hooking us up with the Imam of Masjid-Nabawi. We prepared some really cool questions to ask the Imam... We didn't ask dumb questions =P

Question 1: Sometimes Qur'an hafidh wanna do more with their knowledge/be more active but get shy, "I don't wanna tell anybody"; they play small, whereas other people who know less/aren't Qur'an hafidh are really out there. What advice do you give to this young brother who wants to do something? This is what he said:

Sheikh Salah AlBedeir quoted the verse from the Qur'an: 'Wa ja `alna lill muttaqina imama' which means - Oh Allah "...make us leaders of the pious people" (Qur'an, 25:74).

Allah is putting this on our tongues, telling us to ask this du`a to make us leaders for the people. A Muslim should never aim to be of no benefit to the people, they shouldn't aim low. The sheikh have the example of Ibn Qudama (one of earlier scholars) who had a student who came to lessons one day but skipped the lessons another day - he was uncomitted. Ibn Qudama in his wisdom knew Shaytan was duping him through some warped 'enlightenment'; he asked him "how does shaytan come to you in your dreams?"

The student said, "Shaytan comes to me in the form of Owais al Qarani" (the almost-companion at the time of RasulAllah , he didn't get to meet the Prophet , as he looked after his mother/family). Ibn Qudama asked "What does he ('fake Owais' r.a.) say to you?"

"He says to me: Why are you studying Islam? Why are you being a student of Islam? He says to me, you should 'worship' Allah." Ibn Qudama asked, "Does Shaytan encourage you to pray the night prayer?" His student said "no". "Does he encourage you to fast?" No. "Then KNOW that he's just trying to sabotage your study of Islam!"

Back at Masjid-Nabawi, sheikh AlBedeir tells us this is how Shaytan tricks people, people who want to be a leader, they want to lead the prayer, they want to be more active - Shaytan comes and says "no, don't study, you're intentions will make you look like you're showing off, it's better off if you did nothing!" - Just a loser in the community, doing nothing, like a whole bunch of people! (You know who we are).

We asked another sheikh - Sheikh Abdullah Shamqiti about using tech like Facebook, TV. He said in the aims of spreading Islam, these are tools a person uses to pass on message of Islam. TV can be used for bad, the internet can be bad - of course it can - even your prostration (sajdah) can be used for bad and take you to Hell. If you have the wrong intentions, you prostrate to the wrong being, to a person - your sajdah is bad for you.

One brother said this is exactly the opposite of what he was brought up with. We grow up, and our friends say this/that about our Islamic achievements, people say "don't tell anyone", you get pushed around, "step down". Shaikhs all over are saying something better: STEP UP, tell people!

Back to Sheikh Salah AlBadeir.
Question 2: There's a fake/con email going around of pictures claiming to be the Prophet's  grave...  With a cane, a large tomb with a turban etc. What does it really look like? This is what the sheikh said:

Those photos are absolutely lies, people are spreading around these lies. Imams actually get to go in and clean/dust the surrounding area of the Prophet's  grave. There's nothing there. If you entered you can't see anything, walls block the TURBAH - the ground, walls go up to the ceiling, (history books say) there are copper/iron walls which go deep underground to where it hits water, protecting the sides of RasulAllah's  grave. There's nothing there. At the top of one wall there's one window, but that's it.'

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