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You Have Mail - From Me!

Feedback from my annual Ramadan 2010 postal service. An 'eid-mas' gift of sorts.

For Eid-ul-fitr I sent out gifts, Eid cards and gingerbread men to the following places on Earth. A few photos provided below by earthlings who were kind enough to photograph the Eid cards I sent.
  • UK - London, York, Hull, Bradford, Dewsbury, Sheffield, Bebington, Manchester, Leicester, Birmingham, Middlesex, Whitby, Luton, Scotland - Glasgow, Wales & N.Ireland.
  • USA - Minnesota, New Jersey, California, North Carolina, Texas, Colorado, Chicago, New York, Tennessee, Washington, LA
  • Mexico
  • Canada - Ontario (where else?!)
  • Prague, Czech Republic / Russia
  • France
  • Yemen
  • Jordan
  • Egypt - Cairo, Giza
  • Indonesia
  • Turkey
  • Mozambique (to my sponsored orphan Vina, age 5)
  • India & Pakistan & Bangladesh (fundraising dosh also sent)
  • Cuba (to Guantamano detainees -sad face here-)
  • Holland / The Netherlands (Rotterdam)
  • New Zealand & Australia
To Chicago, a newly discovered sister in faith, Nida ul Islam (:
To California, Ms. Juliana, the prettiest student on the West coast.

To Prague! To Prague! Shukran for the pitchers dude (:

To Chicago again! Note to recipient: Your card was bought from London, decorated in Yorkshire and transported by Royal Mail. :)

A grumbled recipient - some did not receive their Eid cards on time, or decided to LEAVE their home countries knowing FULLY WELL that I had posted out to their native lands, but LEFT anyway on business or whatever and then COMPLAINED to me like little children that they didn't receive their cards on time! WHUT?! Look at my face, "am I bovvered?" Ok, ok... I'm sorry!

You have mail - Eid 2009 in Cali, Indonesia and Chicago
You have mail - To a Kosovo soldier



  1. AWESOME! I love this!

    Wow, so many cool places!

    Great pictures!

    Prettiest student on the West Coast, huh? Ma'sha'allah, I'm sure she is, but can I get the award for silliest on the West Coast? (You know I'm just North of Cali, right?) Yes, Prague for one more year 'n all, but will always will be West Coaster! I like my card of course, but I think the one you sent Ms. Juliana is pretty spiffy as well.

    Jazak'Allahu Khairan for your report!

  2. <3 love you and your generositous lovilness.


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