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Eid cards from Planet Muslim (for me)

Messages from Planet Muslim:

Juliana HebenstreitEid mubarak from Zaufishan! I's happy. After I took this...the ginger man morphed into two. I's doubly happy.

Saad the American: Wow, Zaufishan! Thanks so much for the cookie, you saved my life, really! I ate 3 hot peppers, and I started getting that burning feeling in my throat. I started drinking lots of water, but that didn't help much. Immediately after, my mom came in with your package, and I opened it up quickly and ate the cookie. The burning settled down and Saad lives again!

You're a life saver!

Nida: Assalaamu Alaikum!
Yay, I got my package today, with the g-men still intact Alhamdulillah! o-/-< JazakAllah khair May Allah swt reward you =) I love the beautiful card and the book, too ♥

Greta TyLee E. Walton: Awww Zaufi, I recieved my lovely Eid card today, it was a great little suprise from Britain. My Dear hubby said 'Who lives in the UK that you know?' Thank you for being such a good friend to Joe (Yousuf) when he lived here he would ALWAYS share what you would send him from across the pond. I have put your lovely card in my scrap book, that is the first Eid card I have ever recieved! Thanks Bunches, TyLee.

Just arrived in the post! Jazak'Allahu Khairan Sr. Zaufishan!!! Oops, first gingerbread man, lost his legs already ;-)

Somia Z: Salam, thank you for the eidmas card! a really nice surprise! thank you! :) xx

Farzana Aslam: hey i got ur eidmas card today n the gingerbread man smell georgous. even thou broken :(, bt hey thanks very nice of u. nicest thing anyone has dne 4 m.

A-Rehman Hussain: Assalamu alaikum! Hope you're well! haha thanks for your 'Eidmas' card! Didn't know you would be sending me one besides, you've put my 'new' name and spelt it right yay! Haha thank you! Hope you have a blessed end to Ramadhan and if we don't chat before Eid, Eid Mubarak!

I got a bunch of Eid cards from earthlings, I only had the energy to share the following two. Will come back to share others later inshaAllah.

Phenomenal handmade card by one infamous London resident. Shukran.

I got this one back from a marvellous Sidra :) Handmade stuff's the best



  1. :-D

    Wow, that handmade one is amazing!

  2. Naseer Ahmad08/07/2011, 08:45

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