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This is my late grandfather, may Allah swt reward him with Jannah. I've never met him so all I have is pitchers (my word for 'pictures'). And since I occasionally scrapbook and make albums for people, I am upgrading an 1950s black & white photo of him (which my mother re-developed in university decades later).

  • K&Company 12x12" patterned paper + two more sheets in similar tones; recycling wallpaper also works.
  • Double sided tape, scissors or craft knife, metal ruler, cutting board, pencil, metallic pens, pigment inks (matching papers) and stamps OR very good handwriting.
  • Coloured papers similar to main 12" sheet, assorted ribbons and tags.

  • Place all pitchers - in this case my one - onto main 12" sheet to figure out a draft layout plan. Cut photo to size if too big. I've cut 3" off my main background sheet and bordered it with a dull grey on the right for... "interest".

    • Matt photo with contrasting coloured paper - I used speckled green to compliment the vintage brown background - use double sided tape, stick, measure edges to 3/4", use craft knife and trim.

    • Add ribbon border to photo (after matting) using double sided tape and thin satin ribbon. <- Fiddly stuff but worth the effect at the end. You just need to coax the ribbon with enough tape to stay put. Little curves don't matter much. That's why they call it 'scrapbooking' ->

    • Lastly, for a name tag, cut similar coloured papers into a 3x2" rectangle and slice off a triangle from each corner = this makes your tag shape. Or you could pull a 'here's one I made earlier!' and buy various tags from craft stores ('tis what I do). Using brown pigment ink or a marker, outline the edge of the tag for a better highlight.

    • Use stamps to write out key information - names, dates, locations etc. My Spencerian writing is crap so I have to practice mine, also to double check spelling.

    • Use double sided tape or glue this time to stick both photo down and name tag in central positions. I'm not adding anything else, a very simple layout.

    Done. This goes into my scrapbook albums for future story telling to little zaufishans that don't exist yet. (: Make a du`a for my grandfather won't you.

    Zaufishan.co.uk Toodle-doo ★

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    1. Very cool. Ma'sha'allah, you're great-grandfather was very handsome.


    Thank you. Have you read Muslimness.com?

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