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Agenda: Ramadan reminder, last collection for Eid ul fitr greeting cards, gingerbread men.

Dear bloggers, readers, adoring fans, stalkers, surveilance teams and the MI5 (hey, you),

In keeping with my annual tradition of posting 'Eid-mas'* cards and gingerbread men (halal, baked by yours truly), I request the delivery addresses of people wanting to be at the receiving end.

I handcraft both Eid cards and men with sugar, glue and sparkles. Last year I sent 500+ around the globe including our neglected Muslim brothers and sisters detained in prisons. For Ramadan only (I'm kinder this month) I also send out Eid cards/hampers on behalf of others, so if you know a newly converted Muslim, someone kickin' it alone, a Muslim student or a small person practising Muslimness, I can send them Eidmassy joy from you. (:  
And no, I will not charge you anything, this is a tiny gift from I.

To be included, please email your name and a delivery address to info@zaufishan.co.uk.

Disclaimer: I cannot do much about lost post; Egypt, Malaysia and Yemen are infamous for their crappy postal service, all items are recorded delivery (except UK, where I just chuck it through your post boxes when you're not lookin') and international deliveries take up to 1.5wks on average. The gingerbread men have been trained to withstand various cargo conditions, however they are susceptible to broken limbs, decapitation, and in extreme cases, suicide. Please say bismillah before eating.

Reply soon please, s'il vous plait, minfadlik. Last collection for this week.

Zaufishan, England, UK, 
4th Sep 2010.

*Eidmas, is my interfaith pun on the commonalities between Christmas and the Muslim festival - Eid. Don't hate me, I'm Muslim.



  1. I think the Egyptian post office is full of dodgy (old) men. lol
    I once ordered some underclothes online and had my mum send them to me. You could clearly see what they were through the see through plastic packaging, yet the packages were opened and things were switched around. :D


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