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Link Love: Al Wahy

What: AlWahy.com, the Muslim social media website & spiffy search engine.

Aim: "We are delighted to launch this unique Islamic portal site which provides an alternative to brand search engines, email and entertainment for our brothers and sisters in the cyber world."

My Review

Cons: There's a lot going on - the team behind AlWahy have created a networking and groups feature (similar to Yahoo); for my personal preference I don't need this extra. A free AlWahy email account allows you to integrate several accounts from hotmail, google and yahoo (bit fiddly). And the search results are not as comprehensive as leading names. Plus, the minor English typing errors really peeve me off.

Pros: AlWahy's integrated free blog and social network world is getting popular. Click 'explore' on the bottom toolbar for direct access to their services; blog updates, Islamic world events, groups and contact to other members from the networking world. I like to use AlWahy primarily for the search engine, a default 'safesearch' filters all the content. "Safe". Recently the site created the option of choosing a background design; these I like, much. Masha'Allah. 

Even the sheikhs are promoting it.

My Rating
AlWahy score a fantasteek 7★ for their innovative designs and Islamic foundation.  An update on the layout, categorised results and language fixes would pop that higher inshaAllah!

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  1. You know, if I hadn't already put so much work into my website on blogger, and if there was an easy way to forward a WordPress-powered AlWahy blog to my domain like blogger does for me, I would probably use AlWahy.com to host my blog.


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