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How To Store Hijabs Creatively

Storage ideas constantly change with the influence of Amazon and new Hijabi influencers but here's some easy-to-adapt organisation for your Hijabs, that can be formed using existing or affordable new storage.

Use available hangers or purchase functional scarf hangers like this; hook them vertically or hang behind doors.
Fold scarves lengthways then into small envelopes to store in fabric boxes by colour.

One of the better storage ideas is to fold scarves Marie-Kondo style and tuck into storage boxes, available from local homeware stores or online.

Loop scarves onto your existing hangers to match up with outfits and save space. Photo: Hijab Fashion Inspiration.

Durable hangers allow a visual search, available from B&M, The Range or again, online such as Amazon and 'Shein
Clear storage boxes stack up nicely and could be more practical to pick out a hijab by colour.

If you're limited on space a larger capacity hanger is a novel way for holding several folded scarves.
Ikea's hanging storage is intended for shoes but works great for neatly rolled-up scarves.
Add storage bins and baskets like these individual bins from Home Bargains.

Storage containers and bins work better with existing shelves, that can be labelled or stacked next to one another.

Drawer organisers come in various sizes and can fit into drawer chests or under the bed. Some organisers come with zipped covers for scarves to be protected from dust.

Consider attaching hooks inside doors or cabinets to roll up and store your scarves by colour and most-used with pocket scarf storage like this.

Feel free to share your own ideas, hope that helps!

Keep us in your Dua,

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