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Ramadan Du`a Request - Fill This Form

Every Ramadan since the age of 7 or so I have been encouraged to make a prayer for others. With each year and `Ilmy progression I have encountered the truer meaning of prayer. I have witnessed Allah's immediate response to du`a, His lessons-I-need-to-learn, His love and patience. A prayer to God is nothing short of a miracle, a karama. Making du`a for others is even more astounding because it is a du`a to the power of 2+. Therefore I have a Ramadan Resolution to make more du`a for others and more often. This makes me less selfish, more compassionate and more reliant on Allah. I'm continuing this for Ramadan 2012 by taking du`a requests from the public. So if you have one you'd like me to make on your behalf please fill in the form below. I will make the du`a as sincerely as I can and I will mention your name to Allah.

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