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Qur'an Gifts For Eid Are Better Than Coupons

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In my family Eid gift etiquette is non-negotiable. We believe in fairness by whole-heartedly accepting any sized gift and giving ours with a receipt. A recipient should always have the choice of exchanging their gift for something 'of equal value'. I mean, not everyone wants a toaster, right?

Below: ideal Qur'an gifts for young Muslim children

Money For Eid
Money needs to have a constitutional limit! Ten year olds can't handle the power of £200, and this idea that money brings happiness is not healthy. We begin to depend on it. By all means give donations to your children and loved ones because that is the greater charity and the act of giving does build love; just try to balance this with wise presents.

Gifts For Teens And Kids - Sorted
It's better to give older teens creative projects such as DIY models, books and gift cards for gift stores so they can choose the gadget or app they want.

For younger children I find that 'edutaining' gifts work wonders.

Create a goody bag of 3-5 small toys ensuring that at least one has actual words; a cute quote book, a magnetic board game, a planting kit. If your budget and love allows, include a larger gift that is themed on the Qur'an. This present isn't to 'Islamicise' the child or say 'be more into religion'. These presents are intended to nurture a young child with inquisitive thoughts that they might not be able to tap into anywhere else.

I have already bought the following gifts and I know that they work when coupled with motivation. Start a home library this year and buy your little ones Qur'an gifts for Eid. Here is an entire collection available from Learning Roots (if not in stock online check with your nearest Islamic gift shop).

Hifdh Shelf
This is a convertible chart, hang it on the wall in in your prayer room or stand it on your desk. The chart comes with 114 'book' labels for the 114 chapters of the Qur'an. For every chapter memorised your kid gets another 'book' on their shelf. Notes are included.
For ages: 4yrs+ to 50yrs.

Hifdh Logbook
A hifdh record for older children. This book has sophisticated organisation with timetables, tickable charts, stickers to mark completed work and detailed instructions on what the various elements of a Qur'an page mean.
For ages: 10+

Companion Cards
Great for after-iftar family discussion or as an individual learning program, these Sahaba Cards include 30 of the most prominent Sahaba. Each card covers the life and main events of each sahabi with a relevant hadith or quote. Perfect.
For ages: 12+

Read some of these Sahaba Cards on this site.

Read - Qur'an Reading
"Reading built on strong foundations", this book teaches you how to read Arabic. The vowels, diacritical marks (dhamma, fatha, kathra, etc), joining up letters, constructing longer phrases from Qur'an and introducing a child to the Tajweed rules. Teachers' notes are included and alphabet stickers for marking off when each topic has been learnt.

Qur'anic Opposites
The Quranic Opposites Puzzles are a set of 24 pairs of jigsaw pieces, illustrated with opposite words taken from the Quraan. Children will become familiar with the frequently mentioned words in the Qur'an and the puzzles can be used to assess speed and accuracy of recall.

For ages: 5yrs+
This book teaches Arabic handwriting, with plenty of room for practise and precision. The bold Arabic font allows a beginner to copy larger text, gradually reducing in size for longer and more accurate copy work.

Tajweed Untangled
Tajweed Untangled is a clear-cut guide to learning the art of Qur'an recitation, and the application of tajweed rules. Each rule is explained clearly, accompanied with worksheets and practice pages to creatively master the language.

As I said, Qur'an gifts coupled with motivation and encouragement are the best resource a young Muslim can have. Whatever you give your loved ones for Eid-mas this year, make sure they learn something from it.

Eid Mubarak,


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